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A trip back home – Coventry

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Coventry is quite a city. It is my home town, I now live in Sheffield and have been based there for many, many years. It was good to see the place again. It is certainly a city of contrasts – contrasts that are still present. In recent history renowned for its engineering, car production and at times really high tech indutrial foundation – it has a very long history indeed. I had travelled down for a family event – the day after we had a chance to have a little look around. The history is there in front of you. There is the modern cathedral, of course, a place most have heard of – the past sits resolutely at its side.



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Tripped wild again again by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

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The Golden Cross was a pub that had real meaning for me. I met so many people there and made friends. It was in this pub I made friends with a certain John Bradbury, ten years or so later to become the drummer of the Specials and also to be there at the beginning of the Selecter. I must admit I failed in my vocal and saxophonic renditions for him and so the friendship was short but still memorable for me. I have retained a huge love of ska and 2 tone.




Ska goes acid by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

2 tone intro by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



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the kustom – coventry band

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I was down in Coventry over the bank holiday weekend for a family event – my great niece’s christening. After the ceremony there was a bit of a bash and this band performed. Not everyone has a taste for covers bands – this band were tremendous – what a range of funk, soul, ska, reggae, disco, recent charts stuff. The Amy Winehouse covers were unbelievable – this band is worth a visit to Cov just for the sake of …



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Chilled deep house – reflections

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As you will know I have quite a liking for the chilled end of things – always gravitating towards the chillout room in any party. I have always had as well a real love of deep house – admittedly that love is generally for the older originators – St Germain (Ludovic Navarre), Ian Pooley, Mateo and Matos, Kevin Yost. I so look back to days in parties involving DIY, Inland Knights and others.



The mixes you can find here hopefully give you a sense of that mmmm! that is part of the whole scene and the whole history of that area of music.

Deeply renewed 4 by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Deeply renewed 3 by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Aromatiq chill house by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Deeply renewed by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Deep House Music – history & description | Pressure Radio – Deep Soulful House Music.

via Deep House Music – history & description | Pressure Radio – Deep Soulful House Music.


Revisiting – reggae, dancehall, times past and new

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I remember days gone by djing for all sorts of events – one of the core areas I used to play was a whole range of reggae from original steppers on to dancehall. A major event for some years being the Garnett Silk commemoration gigs. I have been brought back to those years courtesy at first of Chronixx. Rooting around in his music led me on to a whole range of others – Protoje, Biga Ranx, Popcaan and many more. All of this has the serious flava of old times and I am enjoying …



All of this revival gives me neww things to chat about with my gal – yes I married a proper country gal, Westmoreland true and through … and she never lets me forget it!

Revive - 1 by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud






Snoop Lion |

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This is Protoje.

via This is Protoje.

- Chronixx Music.

via - Chronixx Music.

Gyptian – Reggae Artist and Singer of Mama Don’t Cry, Beautiful Lady, and more.

via Gyptian – Reggae Artist and Singer of Mama Don’t Cry, Beautiful Lady, and more.

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Africa, mixes and more – Futurhood Av | Mixcloud

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world plus by Futurhood Av | Mixcloud.

via world plus by Futurhood Av | Mixcloud.

As I have said before I used to live in Africa – I spent some time living and working in Maseru, Lesotho. That time and the people I was with remain with me to this day – a big hello to Ipa, Francis, Lebo, Motsi, Teenie and all the rest …

I would love to go back and visit more … the music and those memories are all I can enjoy at the moment.



Eritrea selam by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



Back to the mountains kwaito mix by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud


african mixes 2 silverback dj

West to south by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud





more to africa



Africa deep by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

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Reminisce africa by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Music videos and more

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Some people are a little surprised at my taste in music given my age and background. I enjoy music ranging from that music core to my youth – the soul, northern (DaveGodin was an old friend), ska, reggae, house of most styles, dnb, breaks, african music across the board, reggae of all styles, 2 step, chillstep and so on.

Here we have a series of the music videos I have enjoyed – a hipster, baroque pop, dream pop cum neo electroish pop type, a Belgian hip hop artists with roots on Rwanda, an Eritrean music video and a whole series of those created by me.

I had to search for music after popping into a local Eritrean restaurant. The food was good, the people great, and I enjoyed the music and tv playing. As I said at the time – I felt like going back to Africa.

It is interesting to note the differences in style between the various music videos. I would so love to make some videos with some of the Eritreans – seems it would be real fun.