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Audio-visual art takes many forms … or at least it can. From the computer generated imagery of motion graphics to that art which is essentially film based.

A lot of what I produce is somewhat of a form of a ‘chamber music’ of av art.

arthouse1 auntiealias (0-00-13-09) auntiealias (0-00-20-14) auntiealias (0-00-33-21) avstpk (0-01-43-14) avstpk (0-01-44-10) bh (0-00-00-00) bh (0-00-05-02) oppositesdetract1 sheffshame (0-00-29-02) sheffshame (0-00-55-19) sheffshame (0-01-00-18) stpk geo (0-00-02-05) stpk geo (0-03-00-02) wireframesteam (0-02-20-01)


Audiovisual art – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. – home.

Motion Graphics projects on Behance.

on vimeo


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