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Motion Graphics projects on Behance.

Motion Graphics – Motion Graphics Inspiration. – home.

I have a deep and abiding love of both music and the visual. Hardly surprising then that I would be drawn to audio-visual art and motion graphics. While I am not the greatest, nor have massive resources, I do try to express what occurs to me, what I see, hear and feel. The projects are all dedicated to my friends and family. I have had all sorts of help along the way – particuarly from Matt of Halcyon Creations aka Ripproots and a pile of other names, my daughters Shakira, a talented photographer, take a look at her page on my Pinterest account – f4mmedia – and my daughter Monique.

I like to combine colour, audio of varying forms and genres, movement, shape, text. The latter text is all too often ignored by av artists. I would use spoken word a lot more but my deeply Midlands accent tends not to work so often, I also have a massively sibilant ‘s’ which gives riose to a whistling in my speech, sometimes I think I might just manage to cut through glass with it.

Comp 2 (0-02-14-16) Comp 2 (0-01-51-24) Comp 2 (0-01-40-08) Comp 2 (0-01-25-24) Comp 2 (0-01-11-20) Comp 2 (0-01-08-16) Comp 2 (0-01-04-02) Comp 2 (0-01-02-05) Comp 2 (0-00-55-15) Comp 2 (0-00-39-05) Comp 2 (0-00-16-21) Comp 2 (0-00-04-22) Comp 5 (0-01-03-18) Comp 5 (0-01-06-01) Comp 2 (0-02-45-20)

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