A patchwork history 2 – futurhood av

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futurhood av –
‘in the neighbourhood of the future,
that’s where we are …’

Futurhood av oddly enough arose out of a previous organization – futurhood. This was originally conceived as a community group comprising a series of people who had been involved in old club nights and parties – the Must Dash parties and, particularly, the club night Spannered. the latter had also sat beside such nights as Screwed and so gave birth to another project – the entertaining toolbox.

Spannered was generally held @ the Earl in Sheffield and was based around breaks, techno and various bits and pieces of electronica, Resident DJ’s included Daddy K, John Wainwright (who had been a mainstay of Headcharge), Jethro Bagust and Silverback (the final DJ name for Des Bate)


Lunar breaks

Lunar breaks





a showreel

vj resources

Spannered lived its life through the course of the height of breaks some years ago, framed by then current techno and other bits and pieces of the dance music trends of the time. Great favourites of mine in terms of breaks artists were people such as Phil Kieran, Vigi and Nectarios and the like.


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