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Here is another set of stuff all around the delights of chillstep and intelligent dnb plus …
revisiting a lot of old favourites – Sonar Circle, Makoto, even De Phazz the lounge artists (somewhat well known for the occasional advert, even!),Intelligent Manners and  Seiji, of course.
On top of all of that are a series of pieces of artowrk to go with the whole new Aromatiq branding experience.

wonders eve – chillstep – aromatiq – intelligent dnb




and here … the lightfall mix – aromatiq chillstep 4

combining Synkro, Indigo, Jack Dixon, Phaeleh, classics, each in their own right

Submotion Orchestra – from Leeds – great vocal styles

Phaeleh – 2 steppish classic artist, but also running through intelligent dnb, ambient, chillout, downtempo in their own irghts

Synkro, Indigo and DFRNT, each with a 2 steppish background and styles


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