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As I have said before – there is nothing quite like an awesome chillout room at a party. There is nothing quite like that special mix of dance if you want, sit if you want, dream if you want. Here are the mixes to fill that – to answer those questions. There is design to go with it all as well. Every mix needs a suitable cover to help you into that zone. Some of this choonage is named after my favourite small venue in Sheffield – the Redhouse – good friends and a great place with great events.

mockup (030)

mockup (0-40)

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the mixes

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a quiet dark

code one a

step into the dublight – my favourite


dark morning light

the tunes and more on

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some of our other work – the entertaining toolbox
f4mmedia on wix

the webstore on artery
an f4mmedia webstore

portfolio on behance

portfolio on dropr

youtube – f4mmedia – business and more

youtube – futurhood av – arts and entertainment, music videos and more

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f4mmedia documents – downloadable pdf’s

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0210_treeflowersun_720p (0-00-10-03)



code 2a

quiet dark

and from the vault

a 2 step mix looking back at the old days and origins of much


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