Shut up and dance presents – Shut up and skank

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Friday, 22 November 2013

22:00 until 06:00

That’s right after such a blinding night in September we are happy to announce that were coming back to the one and only FEZ for another cracking night and we have a killer lineup for you with some of the best local and national DJs and Producers around. so get down and fucking have it! X
£5 before 12 £6 after!

On the Lineup:

***Audio Beatniks***

This Sheffield based production duo formed less than a year ago and never looked back. From fields to warehouses to Sheffield Centre nightlife in a matter of months, these guys have shown nothing but ambition.
Now current residents of one of Sheffield’s biggest and best Bassline & Speed Garage driven nights (Bass Heaven), The Beatniks don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!


“With over ten years in the game, playing the north and south of the UK, Darkus knows how to bring the noise, Dark by name Dark by nature: welcome to the Darkside.”

***ANN D*** –

“Ann D started Dj-ing in the time honored way, playing a weekly 3 hour show on a pirate in the late 90’s, not because she woke up one morning wanting to be a DJ but because it was the only way to get the sort of show she wanted to listen to. After years of going to blue’s clubs, festivals and dancing her way through many music styles she had a vinyl collection that ranged from Prince Fari, Alpha & Omega, Beefheart, The Velvet Underground to The Orb, A Guy Called Gerald, the dirtiest English & German techno, breaks and DnB – that’s the kinda radio show she wanted to hear. Bizarrely and despite not having decks or being able to mix a cake, after about a year she was booked to play out, at which point she thought I’d better buy some technics and learn how to mix. Since then she has gone on to play all over the UK, Europe & Mexico playing with everyone from Rootsman, Richard Kirk, Aphex Twin, Tayo, The SUF Liberators & The Orb on their tour, she was resident at a night called Headcharge which often made the Mixmag top ten best nights in the UK before the council closed the venue down, she’s guested on numerous Radio shows both here & in Berlin, appeared on Channel 4, produced the soundtrack for a photographer’s book launch, featured in documentaries, written articles for various music mags and is soon to soundtrack a short film. She still continues to play a weekly show, on a legal station now – SCR Radio and thinks she’s lucky to be able to share her tunes.”

***Dr Cryptic b2b Mr Kiplin***

“Dr Cryptic has been DJing and Producing for around 10 years bringing a fresh style and unique sound to his music. Having played at some of the biggest nights across Sheffield and Leeds he has earned the respect and support from many in the industry.”

“Mr Kiplin has been DJing for around 7 years and has played some of the biggest and best clubs in the country including Ministry of Sound and Indigo at the O2 arena.”

***Rich Pastrami***

“Rich Pastrami. Old skool like Happy Shopper. Part of North n South. Playing across Sheffield for over 10 years. Eclectic dance floor focussed sets. Hip hop-dancehall-breakbeat-acid-jungle-hardcore-whatever.”


“Phil Wrighton AKA WheresNorth has been honing his skills over the past few years at DJing, Producing and even Promoting, making him a connoisseur in the Yorkshire underground music scene. Playing at a range of venues from Free Partys to late night slots at places like The Beat Herder Festival. Hes Part of 48 Inch Records and has been producing some exciting material. Phils Night DuskTilDawn is bringing breaks back to sheffield in a huuge way but also showcasing a range well loved of genres.
We are dead excited to see what phil will bring to Sheffield Warehouse Rave having heard about him tearing up it all over the place.”

***General Discipline (MDFC) b2b High Standards Feat. MC Polatik***

“General Discipline b2b High Standards (Feat. Polatik) The brothers from different mothers, are closing the north, south divide with the first of a long time coming, big mix sesh! Fiery flavours, toasted with the deep and flowing bars of MC Adam ‘Polatik’ Rahimk”

General Discipline – (Modern Day Flat Caps) –

“A DJ/producer who has been in the game a hot minute! One of the founders of Modern Day Flat Caps (MDFC) He has played alongside the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, RESISTANCE FAMMO and Sheffield’s own HarleyLikesMusic. He’s known for ripping up the dance floor at venues such as M-CODE and has also played at Tramlines festival.”

High Standards

“High Standards has been hitting the London party circuit for a good while now and has had regular slots on radio stations such as Feeling Mandy and Life FM”

vj quantize – futurhood av
Des aka quantize (also aka silverback dj) has provided visuals for a few years now. Live visual performances have included feedback – premier Sheffield dnb night @ Corporation – Room 303, Tinnitus, his own events such as Colours Heard, FIsh for MIssiles, Aromatiq. Music videos have been made for a whole raft of people – from Romanian electro house labels, German minimal tech artists, to psychobilly bands, dubstep producers, acoustic hiphop outfits. Check out youtube – futurhood av – audio-visual art, a whole range of music videos (creating his own music and visuals), event filming and more across the whole spectrum of music.

***Big beat b2b AudioSquid ( Junglist session )***

& more !!!

dnb from futurhood av

Second step to drums by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Out of the warehouse and into … by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

4th protocol of garage


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