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waters and strings (0-00-19-19)

Designs to accompany the new Aromatiq mix.

The music as a whole – vocal deep dubstep, chillstep, intelligent atmospheric dnb has palpable layers and so a design scheme echoing that layering seems to fit. Nothing detracts from a project more than design which bears no real relation to what is presented. Imagery here is drawn from Mongolia, the palms nod elsewhere, water, desert, mountains all play a part.

waters and strings (0-00-49-10)

waters and strings (0-01-06-09)

waters and strings (0-01-07-05)

waters and strings (0-01-13-10)



relection collide

waters and strings (0-00-19-19)

14 days and nights – aromatiq

The new mix from Silverback dj – futurhood av.

Drawing on tunes from nExow, Ghosts of Paraguay, mPulse, Submotion Orchestra, Sean Mackey, Phaelah and more. This is a far more vocal oriented mix than others in the series.