Music and design – aromatiq and more

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Design for music projects and other areas of entertainment has the same contraints as any design for a product or service. It is design for a purpose, even though you can have real fun while doing it.

Adding design to such  – the content needs to fit. It should extend all that the project says, add further depth, possibly suggest other areas of intent, other possible areas of meaning, an expansion. Providing further references, emotion, semantic indicators.

trip design 1

Aromatiq, the brand, has been around for a while. It began as just an event at a local venue – the Earl. It continued, later, at the Redhouse. Originally it was based around broken beat, nujazz, nusoul, deep house, hip hop, intelligent dnb. It has expanded into chillstep, deep dubstep and chill house, as well as the revival of trip hop. The design here hopes to add further depth to all that the brand, the event, the mixes and the original music videos says.

trip design 2




trip design 3

trip design aro



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