audio visual art

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You will find a lot of what is called audio visual art based around:

  • installations with projections
  • code and its products
  • electronica and abstractions

The audio visual art I produce tends to be rather more film, animation, music video and text oriented.

recessive glitch

You can think of a lot of what I produce as something akin to visual art in the way that chamber music relates to the orchestral. It is not so dramatic, not looking to be so clever, it is looking to be gently expressive.

end of games

With many forms of art in recent years  there has been value to be found in combining old techniques, old formats, old styles with other elements, creating something new and, as well, a commentary on it all. Does everything have to exist within the confines of the present?

against a texture

audio-visual art on Vimeo.

via audio-visual art on Vimeo.

kill art

audio visual art

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