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… and the The Earl – the Earl of Arundel and Surrey – this was the next stage in the story, running doors, living in, putting on events, particularly Spannered – the night that was a real success, mentioned in Mixmag, DJmag and more. It was based around the then highlighted breaks, breakbeat. It was here, though, that my love of trip hop continued, my love of broken beat, nujazz, nusoul and more developed and grew. here it was that I did the very first Aromatiq – a night based around broken beat, trip hop, nujazz, nusoul, the politer and cultured end of 2 step garage and jazzier more soulful, gentle hip hop.



It is a shame but the place, once a pound shop, a place where people could house animals being taken to sell, and strays were kept. It is now a bike shop. Another great venue/pub gone. Here it was that Carl, Mad P, Jethro, John and more played to a strange brew of people. Here it was that we essentially had weekenders going on until whenever.

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july 23

These were also the days when we were doing the odd free party – the Must Dash parties, always with an image of someone well-mustachioed, can’t think why, of course! Great days, hefty nights, gentler chill outs post party.


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