Yorkshire wanderings

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You may have noticed that I like to have a wander around some strange places it may seem. There are things to notice that can give joy. Where a place has some history and shows a life lived then there is something, at least for me, to gain and enjoy. Distress, age and even dereliction can say a lot, particularly when contrasted close by by tidier, more recent building. You can find something in things discarded as well as those things pristine and new. Why not take a wander and just look at the sorts of things you would normally ignore.

Source: design bundle 1

Getting around performing with the Rite Trax crew is a real joy for me – places, people, music, art, poetry. Each of these strands gives something real for me. I ended up in Scarborough the other week. The drive there and back was as much a joy, having taken a wrong turn we went through a pile of villages and small towns – North yorkshire. We had the chance to chat, of course I told some incredible stories (I have that most delightful of senses of humour, a grandad’s).


Source: RiteTrax on the Bole Hills 2017

Summer Paradise set by Tabitazn available for $3.20 at DesignBundles.net

Source: Summer Paradise set by Tabitazn | Design Bundles

Source: RiteTrax on the Bole Hills Afterparty

Source: Other City






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