A patchwork history – 4 – the world and its music

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in the market

a kwaito mix

international 2 step
Between 1981 and 1982 I lived in Africa, in Maseru, Lesotho. While I was there I did a few strange things. The biggest was to marry a Jamaican woman who became the mother of my children – Shakira and Monique. Something else that was acquired while I was there was a further appreciation of African music. To a slight appreciation of highlife I added a liking for Makossa, Kwaito, later having made friends with a few people from the french speaking Caribbean I added a liking for Zouk. Acquiring friends even later from Angola and beyond that love of Zouk had backing from Kizomba and Kuduro.

First of all – to Francis, Motsi and all of the friends we made, to those we lost, to those friends we still have to make … oareng! sala hantle, tsamaya hantle …

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Manu Dibango




zouk2 zouk kudur2 kuduro

But Africa and the Caribbean are not the only areas covered – there is a wealth of music from Europe as well to look at and so here is a Balkan mix to swing through.

Bukovina Bang

and more from a slightly mashed world

here music from all over the world flavours dancefloor interest – giving something new to funk, house, trance and the like.

Here on youtube

africa1 africa2

Against a texture and more

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against a texture (0-01-20-11)

against a texture (0-01-23-01)

against a texture (0-01-24-15)

against a texture (0-01-31-14)

against a texture (0-01-33-02)

against a texture (0-01-16-13)

against a texture (0-01-16-02)

against a texture (0-01-14-14)

against a texture (0-01-13-06)

against a texture (0-01-12-04)

against a texture (0-01-38-02)


here a piece from the against a texture series


and another

and part of the ‘kill art’ series


Inner city toad

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I remain undecided. I am even somewhat at a loss for words … it seems to happen a lot more these days – there were times and still are when you just cannot shut me up. Here are some stills from background pieces done towards a a project or two. I am undecided, though, whether to use them for a series of tunes given me by an old friend – Dave, aka Inner city toad.
He is another of those old friends who have abided as such … Also a friend of my mate Matt aka Rippa
dvb4 (0-00-01-18)

dvb4 (0-00-00-08)

dvb4 (0-00-05-04)

dvb4 (0-00-04-02)

dvb4 (0-00-03-18)

dvb4 (0-00-02-08)

dvb4 (0-00-01-05)

dvb4 (0-00-00-09)

dvb4 (0-00-00-03)

dvb4 (0-00-05-18)
The texture and colouring of these are just so me …

The project as a whole is to add visuals to a series of tunes up to 21 minutes in length. The shortest is 2 minutes long. They range from very gentle to quite animated although not having a massive bpm. I am thinking seriously about inserting framed and masked urban scenes into these animated backgrounds. There is another series using medication wrappers … but that is another story entirely. Dave has always had his talents. In the same way that Matt produces good house, Dave manages to create interesting electronica.

Comp 1 (0-00-01-13) Comp 1 (0-00-01-24) Comp 1 (0-00-00-08) Comp 1 (0-00-05-05) dvb1

A patchwork history 3 – Aromatiq and Sanctified

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Aromatiq was a club night originally held @ the Earl and was based around the then growing styles of broken beat, nujazz, nusoul, with hints of house and garage thrown in. Sanctified altered this slightly when held @ the Redhouse, adding more in the way of hiphop, intelligent dnb, deep house and the like. The tagline ‘outrageously chilled, wholly grown up’ said it all. Sanctified was the first of a number of collaborations between futurhood av and Saeif Sounds.





broken beat – colours heard on mixcloud


“uprightly horizontal”
“if it’s bruk, don’t fix it”

I still find it a shame that more was not heard of broken beat, nujazz and nusoul in Sheffield. The whole field remains a great love of mine. Aromatiq ultimately became a radio show on Sheffield Live.

Broken beat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nu jazz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

20 best: Broken Beat records ever made – FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

Broken beat music – Listen free at Last.fm.

Particular tastes of mine included Domu, IG Culture, recently Zilo Groove.

aromatiq poster

fh logo 3

aromatiq revisited

killing art part one

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simple shapes are the beginning to it all, a gentle audio background, simple text and shapes, simply animated

the entertaining toolbox



colours heard – a patchwork history

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Latest Futurhood Av’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud


Colours heard began as an audio-visual art based event @ the Redhouse in Sheffield. Music driven, art driven, visually driven … Based around Des Bate of futurhood av, it tried to fuse all sorts of visual mentions with an equally diverse range of music.  It sat beside other events at the time, including ‘Fish for Missiles’, the name deriving from a dream had by a friend – involving Cambodian biplane pilots firing salmon, tuna and sharks at American pilots in jets – don’t ask!


beats3 ffmjulyposter partyposter

Involved in these events were a whole range of bands as well as DJ’s and visual artists.