Aromatiq – chillstep – intelligent dnb – more and more

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Here is another set of stuff all around the delights of chillstep and intelligent dnb plus …
revisiting a lot of old favourites – Sonar Circle, Makoto, even De Phazz the lounge artists (somewhat well known for the occasional advert, even!),Intelligent Manners and  Seiji, of course.
On top of all of that are a series of pieces of artowrk to go with the whole new Aromatiq branding experience.

wonders eve – chillstep – aromatiq – intelligent dnb




and here … the lightfall mix – aromatiq chillstep 4

combining Synkro, Indigo, Jack Dixon, Phaeleh, classics, each in their own right

Submotion Orchestra – from Leeds – great vocal styles

Phaeleh – 2 steppish classic artist, but also running through intelligent dnb, ambient, chillout, downtempo in their own irghts

Synkro, Indigo and DFRNT, each with a 2 steppish background and styles


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Aromatiq – chillstep, broken beat, intelligent dnb …

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aromatiq5 (0-00-00-00)

and so, back to colours heard …

question? how would you illustrate such a genre or collection of genres, chillstep, broken beat, intelligent drum and bass?

Such music connects at so many points and still diverts in so many ways.

aromatiq4 (0-00-00-00)

aromatiq3 (0-00-00-00)

aromatiq 2(0-00-00-00)

aromatiq1 (0-00-00-00)

Having had a lot of time spent with such genres as dnb in the past it was natural that I return to the intelligent and liquid side of things. So, I have spent some nice time recently with such producers as Intelligent Manners and more. My love of triphop and 2 step continues, as with the generalities of ambient and more – in the forthcoming mixes on mixcloud you will hear what I hope to be a good mix of all and a bit of a return to my past with suitable reggae mentions as well.

walkinto (0-00-07-14)

darklight 1

walkinto (0-00-07-12)

thedarklylight (0-01-15-08)

thedarklylight (0-01-23-09)

thedarklylight (0-01-27-18)

thedarklylight (0-00-51-05)

darklight (0-00-00-00)

walkinto (0-00-06-04)

The mixes on mixcloud

listen in

walkinto (0-00-04-01)

eve 1

walkinto (0-00-00-03)



A patchwork history 8 – feedback, a drum and bass night

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Part of my history, indeed a large part of relatively recent history for me as a visual performer was doing the visuals for feedback – Shefield’s premier drum and bass night. It was held @ the Corp – as it is known here – the Corporation nightclub in central Sheffield. I had been a drum and bass head for some time, although I can say that I have somewhat moved on in terms of my main tastes in music these days – I have left behind my early middle age. I still do like some of the stuff produced, but I remain a greater lover of the lighter ends of dnb – intelligent, liquid, the smoother and more rolling, melodic ends of the genre than the harder, darker, rougher ends preferred by many of the younger crew. As always I tend to always be the oldest participant in any event – unless, of course it is some pensioners night out – not there yet!

It was fun doing it all – creating the animations, the video flyers, filming bits and pieces of each club night, creating bespoke text animations for each performer, doing something new for each, often having the general palette of the visuals follow the flyer and poster designs. Paul and Little G are still friends of mine – the promoters.






futurhood av on myspace

You can still find some of the old stuff from the events on my myspace page – yes, it still exists!

feedback video on myspace

a dnb mix of mine on mixcloud

a darker and harder playlist of mine on mixcloud




DECEMBER flyer back


The night itself combined both local talent, including very often the well respected local MC – E-LL, as well as the top talents of the national dnb scene.






It really would be nice to get back to doing more of this. I love to perform – whether as a DJ or a VJ. Sheffield and the North listen up!

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for_drum_and_bass_by_crash_exitus-d5skliv Drum_n_Bass_2_wallpaper_by_AmeliaElvishDream Drum-and-Bass-Arena-Presents-DJ_ZInc.marked artworks-000003006981-vvifah-crop dnb3 CS1289280-02A-BIG resize_box_it_-resources-product-images-34474-hospitaljpg.350x350 17528-drum_and_bass_arenajpg This-Is-Drum_Bass dnb2 drum_n_bass dnb1

new stuff – events, performance, productions

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Comp 1 (0-01-46-16) Comp 1 (0-03-25-21) Comp 1 (0-03-31-01) Comp 1 (0-01-04-12) Comp 1 (0-00-58-23) 856754_4536501975012_737087238_o

I will be VJing this event – assuming that the kit does not decide to do strange things again …

303terr5 303terr4 303terr3 303terr2 303terr1

A patchwork history – 4 – the world and its music

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in the market

a kwaito mix

international 2 step
Between 1981 and 1982 I lived in Africa, in Maseru, Lesotho. While I was there I did a few strange things. The biggest was to marry a Jamaican woman who became the mother of my children – Shakira and Monique. Something else that was acquired while I was there was a further appreciation of African music. To a slight appreciation of highlife I added a liking for Makossa, Kwaito, later having made friends with a few people from the french speaking Caribbean I added a liking for Zouk. Acquiring friends even later from Angola and beyond that love of Zouk had backing from Kizomba and Kuduro.

First of all – to Francis, Motsi and all of the friends we made, to those we lost, to those friends we still have to make … oareng! sala hantle, tsamaya hantle …

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Manu Dibango




zouk2 zouk kudur2 kuduro

But Africa and the Caribbean are not the only areas covered – there is a wealth of music from Europe as well to look at and so here is a Balkan mix to swing through.

Bukovina Bang

and more from a slightly mashed world

here music from all over the world flavours dancefloor interest – giving something new to funk, house, trance and the like.

Here on youtube

africa1 africa2