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Old skool to new

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There were times when a lot of my old skool moments were to say the least a little seedy – the streetcorner things, backstreets, alleys with strange doors opening onto a passage leading to a party and more … I am so much older now but probably still as badly behaved – joke! There were some great times back then, indeed great times to be had in all sorts of decades, each had its own quality and flavour. A fond memory or three involved meeting people such as Daryl Pandy of Chicago fame, Nicky Blackmarket and John Bradbury in the Cross in Cov …

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Yes we are having a bit of a bash – all sorts of old skool plus newere bits and pieces

June 13th the Redhouse Solly Street from 8pm free entry


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Aromatiq – chillstep, broken beat, intelligent dnb …

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and so, back to colours heard …

question? how would you illustrate such a genre or collection of genres, chillstep, broken beat, intelligent drum and bass?

Such music connects at so many points and still diverts in so many ways.

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Having had a lot of time spent with such genres as dnb in the past it was natural that I return to the intelligent and liquid side of things. So, I have spent some nice time recently with such producers as Intelligent Manners and more. My love of triphop and 2 step continues, as with the generalities of ambient and more – in the forthcoming mixes on mixcloud you will hear what I hope to be a good mix of all and a bit of a return to my past with suitable reggae mentions as well.

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The mixes on mixcloud

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