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Events with a different texture

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Having attended the Rite Trax event at Golden Harvest in Sheffield a little while ago it looks like I may be performing at the next one. The experience of that first event was something good to say the least. Having such a range of different performance in an unusual setting and with such a range of people was really pleasant. There is nothing quite like the right sort of party crew – a couple of drinks, performance which went from live poetry readings to live electronica, artists displaying works and on top of that old favourite dj’s performing. Well!! Sweet! Things like this make a difference. It is not the usual crawl around particular bars and pubs, then perhaps a club and so on.

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Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday.

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An entertaining toolbox

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the entertaining toolbox

the name was taken from the club nights Spannered and Screwed

some of these will form part of new e-zine content and motion graphics/audio-visual art projects

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