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Any town or city has its own particular life. Its heart is made up of a number of things – there is its working life, its history, but partiuclarly there is its social life, its nightlife. It may be the case that a city has its very own stars. It may have its glittery big clubs and bars. What sits at the back of all such is the little place. I have a great fondness for small venues and all that they give. So often they are the birth places of much grander things but more importantly they are the life of the interesting. There is a particular review of the Golden Cross in Coventry, it states that it was the birth place of the Specials. I can remember meeting John Bradbury there and subsequently did a really, really bad audition at his place, Wyken cum Walsgrave. That place has a history going back to 1581 – I just remeber it in the 70s and the upstairs bar cum club. Downstairs it was a place I spent time with old mates such as Nigel Osgood, Tim Hill, Dave Wicks and more from my Bablake school days.


Later in life I had an association with the Earl in Sheffield. It was once a pound house – where livestock was lodged as people came into the town (before it was a true city) to trade. It became the home of a great clubnight – Spannered, with breaks at its core. Before that I had spent a lot of time at the East House – once dubbed the Dodge City Saloon because of the shooting there many, many years before. I djed at the place and loved my time there. These have now ceased being venues/pubs.

Latterly I did a lot of work with the Redhouse, itself roughly 300 years old. This was a place that gave life to a whole raft of small club nights, began the careers of bands and saw visitors from all over the world. In that place I have spoken more languages than I can remember. I surprised those coming down to the Botswana day celebrations one year – they were not expecting a white guy to speak to them in Sesotho. Otheres have heard me practice my few words of Malay, Greek, Poruguese, French, Dutch, German, Serbo-Croat, Swahili, Turkish, to name a few (and no I am not boasting, as I say, ‘if you stand still long enough, you will be surprised who walks past’).


Here is a breaks mix – it became something very dear to me – dance music I loved more than …

Here are a couple of mixes taking me back to my Coventry youth, the Cross, various parties, the attempt at a band that we probably all go through …

And here – a mix which is definitive of me as a Cov lad …

shut up and skank

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Trap and skank by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

bits and pieces here from Krewella, Mitis, Foreign Beggars, the Ninetys, London Elektricity and more

kre krewella

nothing quite like a few dark and hard moments








brute force, room 303, quantize vj

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@ Redhouse, 168 Solly Street, Sheffield, S1 4BB

It’s a bunch of our birthdays at roughly the same time so we thought we’d put on a banging night and have a bit of a party so we went and got this man to come down:

MARK EG (90 Min set)
Blackout Audio//Compound//Submissions//Planet Rhythm// Cluster//Hydraulix

If you don’t know who he is you have clearly been living under the sea, it’s hard to put in to words just how much of a legend this man is. He is one of the world’s most renowned and well respected dj’s and producers and has been unleashing his incredible dj sets all over the globe for over two decades with seemingly boundless amounts of energy. We’ve got him to come down to smash out an hour and a half of techno madness and we couldn’t be happier to be welcoming Mark to the Red House for what will be an incredible night. Not to be missed at any cost!!!


Room 303

The main man behind Sheffield’s leading underground music night Room 303 he has also demonstrated his considerable dj’ing skills at night’s such as Subvert and Tinnitus. He is guaranteed to provide a cross section of bass heavy techno, acid infected breaks and wrong mixes generally.



Substance G is the man who brought you the long running Leeds techno nights Euphonic and Fusion has nearly 20 years of dj’ing experience behind him playing at nights across the country. Filthy dubstep, dirty techno and skull busting drum n bass will be the order of the day.



Geordie mash up master Herb Strike is a man who has been honing his skills for many years up in the bleak Northern wastes. Now let loose upon the unsuspecting land of Yorkshire he’ll mix blood curdling beats and absurd basslines, expect disgusting things to happen.


Flawbored has spent over 7 years forcing his eclectic tastes onto the eardrums of crowds at the best underground nights on offer in and around Leeds, including Sheffield’s own Room 303. He will be spinning 140 bpm wrongness including twisted breaks, wonky techno and gnarly dubstep. And, in honour of the birthday men expect the whole set to have a nasty acid aftertaste


More DJ people TBC


Advance tickets £5

In addition to all of that supplying the visuals for the event will be ‘quantize’ – the author of this blog – from futurhood av

on youtube