The Old Markets reviving

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It is interesting to see how areas of cities develope. The old markets area in the centre of Sheffield is getting a revamp courtesy of ordinary folks who have an interest in music, the arts, performance and small business. I was down at Bal fashions for the Wub Club event the other night and had a great time. The bar there is awesome and the efforts put in by all concerned was truly amazing. Rite Trax are opening up a place just a couple of doors down, Plot something or other, name TBD, where studios will sit beside a general business, meeting and event area. Here you see businesses geographically close helping each other. It is just a shame that the local council do not share the same attitude at times. It seems that they are more interested in the big corporate side of things. So many times we have seen small and enjoyable venues, interesting shops and ventures closed down courtesy of the council’s narrow point of view. But the artists, performers, craftspeople and small businesses of Sheffield still continue to create exciting places, events and products.

Opposite these ventures is the old Market Tavern – now there was a place with character. It may yet get a boost with new owners. Just below that is Frehiwet Habesha, an Eritrean restaurant cum cafe. More is being planned by a whole range of people. This is an area that could become something very special if we give it some support and enjoy what is being offered.

RiteTrax CIC is a newly formed social enterprise based in Sheffield, aimed at providng a platform for underground creative culture.

Source: RiteTrax CIC :: A platform for underground culture



Sheffield – those moments

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sheffield moment (0-00-45-02)

It was suggested by a couple of my kids that I try to get in touch with a new local tv station. I sent a pile of links to materials of mine. I also rang them – 9.30 am – noone in charge was around. I was told that someone would call – I had worked with them years ago when they were a radio station. Evidently they needed footage and more of local bits and pieces. Well! I continue to wait … but then I was never one of the favoured few. Here though is some of the content. You will be able to find more on the youtube channel and the dailymotion channel.

Hopefully in amongst all of this there is something interesting, or at the very least vaguely entertaining within all of this content.

sheffield moment (0-01-07-22)

sheffield moments 2 (0-01-29-08)

sheffield moments 2 (0-01-53-14)

sheffield moments 2 (0-02-57-23)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-14-09)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-16-11)

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sheffield moments 2 (0-03-21-20)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-37-20)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-41-08)

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sheffield moments 2 (0-04-00-20)

sheffield moments 2 (a1)