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Time goes by – 1

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Yes! time goes by, tastes, likes, loves, appreciations all move on with time. There were times in my middle youth (in this instance for me that meany my 50s, as if I will ever truly grow up) when the things that made me look up, listen and all the rest – generally paying attention – were the loud, the brash, the banging, in one way or another. These were the days of free parties out in the Peaks, warehouses, abandoned buildings. These wer the days of club nights attended, run, played at and those for whom I was providing visuals.
In such days I acquired an appreciation of quite oddly contrasting things:
– odd trails through woods and seemingly ordinary patches of rock, grass, countryside
– old buildings, dilapidated, disused, derelict but still standing and serviceable in one way or another



– tarnished clubs, nightclubs with a hint of distress or just a certain well lived texture, hence the Adelphi, the Arches, Corporation and more



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– scrappy flats, old caravans, particular estates and corner shops, ordinary old pubs, things with a history of ordinary people’s lives, a history of efforts made, painful failings, odd successes and joys, too many pains, accidents and setbacks.






These were days when ultimately I ended up going out to various parties and clubbing with my daughters. We had a common set of tastes for events and music. It was all very surprising to their friends when they discovered that the old guy wandering about with them was their dad –  quite normal for them but so unusual for their buddies. In these days and nights a bond was built of common tastes and flavours. Those textures still come back to me, they still retain a particular power for me but they are no longer as immediate as they used to be.

Nightlife and its joys

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There is nothing like the night and all of the joys you can find there. I miss my clubbing days. I miss djing and vjing, creating for events, entertaining even a small crowd. I have managed to play at quite a few clubs in and around Sheffield, also enjoying the events as an attendee. I had great fun going out to such and beyond to festivals and free parties with my daughters – yes! strange I know, but still. Even though I am in my 60s now I still love this music. It may seem odd for someone such as myself to still have a love of 2 step garage, drum and bass, dubstep, future bass, drumstep, trap, glitch and more but there you have it.





A patchwork history 8 – feedback, a drum and bass night

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Part of my history, indeed a large part of relatively recent history for me as a visual performer was doing the visuals for feedback – Shefield’s premier drum and bass night. It was held @ the Corp – as it is known here – the Corporation nightclub in central Sheffield. I had been a drum and bass head for some time, although I can say that I have somewhat moved on in terms of my main tastes in music these days – I have left behind my early middle age. I still do like some of the stuff produced, but I remain a greater lover of the lighter ends of dnb – intelligent, liquid, the smoother and more rolling, melodic ends of the genre than the harder, darker, rougher ends preferred by many of the younger crew. As always I tend to always be the oldest participant in any event – unless, of course it is some pensioners night out – not there yet!

It was fun doing it all – creating the animations, the video flyers, filming bits and pieces of each club night, creating bespoke text animations for each performer, doing something new for each, often having the general palette of the visuals follow the flyer and poster designs. Paul and Little G are still friends of mine – the promoters.






futurhood av on myspace

You can still find some of the old stuff from the events on my myspace page – yes, it still exists!

feedback video on myspace

a dnb mix of mine on mixcloud

a darker and harder playlist of mine on mixcloud




DECEMBER flyer back


The night itself combined both local talent, including very often the well respected local MC – E-LL, as well as the top talents of the national dnb scene.






It really would be nice to get back to doing more of this. I love to perform – whether as a DJ or a VJ. Sheffield and the North listen up!

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