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Rite Trax – Trafalgar Warehouse – A Guy Called Gerald

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Lots of fun was had at the Rite Trax 1st birthday bash. Personally, as Futurhood av, I was providing vj performance alongside Joe from Damp Studios. We projected side by side all night and it was real fun. There were also artists and more providing interesting additions to the whole event. A Guy Called Gerald was the headliner – see below. He is well known for his old skool work as well as his current performance and output – we had a nice chat and a fag later on. Mistabishi was there as well, it was nice to catch up – not seen him in a while but the performance, like Gerald’s, was electric. Great support came from all the rest – Isis Moray, Cryptic, Phatworld and all the rest. Looking forward to more.





It is a vibrantly new thing – Rite Trax – combining a variety of music, presenting club nights alongside art experiences and spoken word poetry. We have all run across each of these things separately, the combination is something really very different. All of it should be supported. Why leave your senses unfulfilled. Most of us love our music and appreciate the visual and the word based forms of expression. With these events and everything presented through the website (see below), you can have all of this together or in part. On top of this when there is music there also tends to be vj performance as well (often from me).










pics from Dan Arves





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RiteTrax CIC is a newly formed social enterprise based in Manchester and Sheffield, aimed at providng a platform for underground creative culture.

Source: RiteTrax CIC :: A platform for underground culture

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Nightlife and its joys

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There is nothing like the night and all of the joys you can find there. I miss my clubbing days. I miss djing and vjing, creating for events, entertaining even a small crowd. I have managed to play at quite a few clubs in and around Sheffield, also enjoying the events as an attendee. I had great fun going out to such and beyond to festivals and free parties with my daughters – yes! strange I know, but still. Even though I am in my 60s now I still love this music. It may seem odd for someone such as myself to still have a love of 2 step garage, drum and bass, dubstep, future bass, drumstep, trap, glitch and more but there you have it.





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texture the peaks (0-00-51-15) texture the peaks (0-00-49-19) texture the peaks (0-00-48-16) texture the peaks (0-00-40-22) texture the peaks (0-00-35-13)

there is

the art grown out of concept

the art grown out of technique

the art grown out of attitude

the art grown out of accident

the art grown out of mood

the art grown out of experiment

each of these I have found, played with, lived through, created and more

there is always more …

Glitch art has been around in one form or another for a little while. This first piece called ‘texture the peaks’ is just an opener for what I hope to be whole series perhaps to be called ‘Recessive Glitch’. It will combine bits and pieces of glitch as a music form, hints of dubstep, ambient electronica and some spoken word. There will be motion graphics, of course, small animations and animated backgrounds to suit. A large part of this arises out of particular mood and also accident. Times are hard and getting harder, particularly here in Sheffield.

A Beginner’s Guide to Glitch Art – Flavorwire.


Glitch (music) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Glitch art – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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