roughened edges and home

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It has been said so many times before…

–  there are the roughened edges of particular suburbs, they show that they are lived in and that there is effort being undertaken

– things are being done, life is lived, things go on, the small particles of history are made and in all of that the edges become a little roughened

– there is something other than the glossy, well polished and bright and within that there is something not only of value but with an aesthetic all of its own






















… the ‘urban’ visits and makes its mark every once in a while, new bits of poetry added to the stuff of stone …



There is a history at hand, new uses being made of the grandeur of old …





1617499_ddc39a46b7_m          marshall



rock              u01779

moments from a partially medicated life

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Here is the taster and below the sale priced book

download link

Every life, even the most small and ordinary has the capacity to use imagination, sight and thought coupled with a little invention. Out od this we all often soothe and salve the boredoms, pains, distress and irritation from that life. Here, in graphic art, illustration, text and poetry we take a small journey through all of this.

The illustrations were  taken from scenes around where I live or using odd bits of food and other objects from my own everyday life. The ordinary, the distressed, the broken, the discarded can all be made into something else. Texture added by the imagination for the mind. It is not just a tactile thing. The eyes can have it as well as the fingertips.

I am currently working on volume 2 of this project. I will be publishing a taster as soon as possible.

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Motion Graphics

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Motion Graphics projects on Behance.

Motion Graphics – Motion Graphics Inspiration. – home.

I have a deep and abiding love of both music and the visual. Hardly surprising then that I would be drawn to audio-visual art and motion graphics. While I am not the greatest, nor have massive resources, I do try to express what occurs to me, what I see, hear and feel. The projects are all dedicated to my friends and family. I have had all sorts of help along the way – particuarly from Matt of Halcyon Creations aka Ripproots and a pile of other names, my daughters Shakira, a talented photographer, take a look at her page on my Pinterest account – f4mmedia – and my daughter Monique.

I like to combine colour, audio of varying forms and genres, movement, shape, text. The latter text is all too often ignored by av artists. I would use spoken word a lot more but my deeply Midlands accent tends not to work so often, I also have a massively sibilant ‘s’ which gives riose to a whistling in my speech, sometimes I think I might just manage to cut through glass with it.

Comp 2 (0-02-14-16) Comp 2 (0-01-51-24) Comp 2 (0-01-40-08) Comp 2 (0-01-25-24) Comp 2 (0-01-11-20) Comp 2 (0-01-08-16) Comp 2 (0-01-04-02) Comp 2 (0-01-02-05) Comp 2 (0-00-55-15) Comp 2 (0-00-39-05) Comp 2 (0-00-16-21) Comp 2 (0-00-04-22) Comp 5 (0-01-03-18) Comp 5 (0-01-06-01) Comp 2 (0-02-45-20)

colours heard – a patchwork history

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Latest Futurhood Av’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud


Colours heard began as an audio-visual art based event @ the Redhouse in Sheffield. Music driven, art driven, visually driven … Based around Des Bate of futurhood av, it tried to fuse all sorts of visual mentions with an equally diverse range of music.  It sat beside other events at the time, including ‘Fish for Missiles’, the name deriving from a dream had by a friend – involving Cambodian biplane pilots firing salmon, tuna and sharks at American pilots in jets – don’t ask!


beats3 ffmjulyposter partyposter

Involved in these events were a whole range of bands as well as DJ’s and visual artists.