Old nights, old fun, old venues

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I used to love my club nights. Spent a lot of time at the Arches in Sheffield. I was to be found mainly in the upstairs bar cum chillout area, not so much downstairs in the main room (apart from, if I can remember, Grooverider). The Adelphi became a club after its time as a cinema – worked the door there – even for the deaf discos (quite unusual). These places provided a diet of techno (acid and otherwise), drum and bass, jungle, hardcore and a whole lot more.

Source: The Arches… I remember it well (if a little hazily…)

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I may be in my 60s but I still love it all. It may be the case that I do not quite have the stamina I used to have but I still love performing and being on the dance floor, chillout room, anywhere around events such.

VJing, visuals and crazy club nights

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The visuals you use for any event should add to the whole, give something more to what is presented. So! Vjing for events provides interesting opportunities – to either create something new, or as with anything such, to fail and do little or nothing.

Creating for certain sorts of music can be somehwat easy. Visual flavours suggest themsleves for particular areas of music, especially if you have a real emotional connection with that music. Creating a visual experience for a mate’s event when it is not an area of music that you normally inhabit – that is something else.

The Hard Way unveil extreme breakcore video for “Total F**cking Nihilism” – #AltSounds.

via The Hard Way unveil extreme breakcore video for “Total F**cking Nihilism” – #AltSounds.

Jitter Room, a breakcore movie by Ruby My Dear & Lisa Chabbert on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Jitter Room, a breakcore movie by Ruby My Dear & Lisa Chabbert on Vimeo.

Room 303 707th birthday ft. ANORAK and BAXTA!!!.

via Room 303 707th birthday ft. ANORAK and BAXTA!!!.

Stanley tools – from industry to its very own zombies

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I come from a family with a serious background in tool making. Just down the road from where I live lies one of the old Stanley plants – long since disused. There is something of a magic about the old, the distressed, the broken. From older days of supplying things of use to the world at large it has become somewhat broken, essentially abandoned and has found some use as a (literally) haunt of ‘zombie hunters’ – playing out whatever.

Zombie Infection – Stanley Tools Factory Reviews – Sheffield, South Yorkshire Attractions – TripAdvisor.

Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting At The Former Stanley Tools Factory, Sheffield.

Archived Report – – Stanley Tools, Sheffield, May 2012 | 28DaysLater.co.uk.
















Room 303 – November 28th Redhouse

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Room 303 707th birthday ft. ANORAK and BAXTA!!!.

via Room 303 707th birthday ft. ANORAK and BAXTA!!!.


After a mini-break, Room 303 returns; or rather Room 707 as we’re smashing it out 7th birthday style! And of course we only want to celebrate the tearing up of dancefloors for seven solar rotations in the most marvellously devastating of fashions. So, not only will we be having another early start of 9pm (get down early as it’ll be totally worth your while!) but – as always – we’ve invited very special guests to bring birthday goodie bags packed full of gabba cakes, party snare poppers and amen break twizzles alongside the usual residents who’ll undoubtedly be bouncing up and down and running round like loons before being sick in the corner. Providing the music for this intense evening of celebration are:

ANORAK (Jungle Syndicate / OffMeNut)
An absolute legend of the breakcore scene, we’ve been obsessing over Anorak ever since catching utterly gobsmacking sets in his home base of Bristol and, of course, destroying Boomtown’s Prohibition Den. This man has chopped more amens than Gordon Ramsey has onions (shit analogy, go home, you’re drunk – ed.) and peppers his insane break edits with twinkly melodies, rave barks and acidic squelches to make the most manic and joyful gabba-breakcore that is bound to get you raving your tits off and make for a fucking amazing night!

BAXTA (Hell is Hard/Headfuck Records)
Baxta has been absolutely exploding onto the gabber scene as of late. Live he’s played at huge events alongside massive names (including Ibiza Goes Hard, Horizon and Oblivion) and, as one third of UKTM, has had tunes on skullcracking labels such as Headfuck records (getting support from legends of the scene such as Akira, amongst others). His amazing sets reveal a diverse range of styles and influences, so expect crunching, clanging crossbreed and breakcore to sit perfectly alongside the most stomping gabber and speedcore. This is going to seriously go off!

Plus more resident and guest-based action:

Pied piper of partying – whether it’s banging freeform, hellish DnB or anthemic Dutch gabber, it’s guaranteed to have you going nuts.

New daddy Bee-log is bringing a more breakcore-oriented direction to his usual gabber mashups; super fast mentalist devastation promised!

Guests of honour, these two are provided the dirtiest and filthiest in bass-led electro.

A super special b2b – the Room 303 stalwart goes to battle against the Tinnitus resident; expect amens, kicks and dark rhythms to spatter out in the melee!

Room 303

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This month’s Room 303 is a special one as two of the crew are celebrating 30 years on this doomed floating rock we call home. Dave and Lee will be taking over proceedings for one night only to celebrate their respective oldenings. It’s Lee’s first time back since the year we vaguely remember as “2009”, back before he moved to the hive of scum and villainy that is Leeds, and Dave’s first time back since he last played the night about three months ago. How time flies. Anyway, we hope you’ll help us celebrate our birthdays with some good music and good company. Growing old is serious business, Dave currently can’t use his hands.

So, to the line-up:

JOHNNY SIDEWAYS (Kaotek Wreckords)
After making an impact on the UK’s underground scene around the turn of the century, Johnny made his vinyl début in 2003 on techno label Dirtbomb records, though by this time was already developing the harder, breakbeat infused sound he would become renowned for, taking in influences from Hardcore Techno and the European Tribe/Hardtek sounds he was playing while DJ’ing for the legendary Desert Storm Soundsystem. In 2005 he formed his own label Kaotek Wreckords, as an outlet for the hybrid sounds he and others were producing. Now having played countless livesets in destinations all over Europe, and a back catalogue spanning 10 years on labels such as Tekiteazy, Electrokanibal, Absolute Rhythm and more, Johnny Sideways chews up and spits out genres into a living wall of sound..improvised, upfront and engaging..a purists nightmare..and devastating on the dancefloor.

BUSMONITOR (Kaotek Wreckords)
Phil ‘Busmonitor’ has been making noises in the hardcore techno scene of late, not least with his releases on Mr. Sideways’ Kaotek imprint. A veteran of countless events in several locations, he’s a professional floor wrecker with access to cutting edge sonic weaponry. Not for the feint-hearted.

SLAUGHTERED LAMB (Room 303 / Euphonic)
A real workhorse of a DJ, Gareth has been making music go into peoples’ ears since most of us were, you know, not doing that. He’s been through many names and many venues over his career, but one thing has remained constant: He’s bald.

MUMBLIST B2B SINISTA:TEK (Room 303 / Tinnitus)
An auditory battle of the century between two powerhouses of the sheffield rave scene. On the surface Dave and Sam are rather musically disparate, which is what makes this match-up so intriguing. Either it will go well, or it will go really fucking well. Unexpect the expected.

DOOMPATROL (Room 303 / Tinnitus)
To mark his Room 303 return after five years, Lee is bringing his Doompatrol alias out of retirement for one night only, and playing a set laced with tracks from that era back to his first ever set in ’07. If you notice him shed a single tear during this nostalgiathon, please be sensitive and don’t point and laugh.


VJ performance from Quantize of futurhood av on the night

futurhoodav – Home.

via futurhoodav – Home.


Room 303 – the history

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303snaregasm (0;00;29;20)

303snaregasm (0;00;29;00)

303snaregasm (0;00;21;03)

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303snaregasm (0;00;01;09)

303snaregasm (0;00;00;02)

a history by Dave Mumblist

Room 303 was born from the many late night, early morning, post party, smashed out our faces conversations which myself and my housemates/band of reprobate friends found ourselves having over and over again while playing music and eating disco biscuits.

The situation was thus it was about 2007, we were all in our early 20’s and fresh out of university without a clue what we were doing. What we did know was that our taste in music was fresh, deep and completely underrepresented in Sheffield. We were into acid techno (that was rapidly dying on its arse everywhere in the world), dark drum n bass, old skool hardcore, dubstep (before it turned into an obnoxious bassline war) and breakcore jungle. What we wanted was to go to a night which played some or all of these things but specifically didn’t just play the same thing all night (we had short attention spans).

So one Sunday morning I found myself talking to a stranger I had just befriended while waiting for some form of transport in surprise view car park after a free party in the middle of the peaks. I was bending this gentleman’s ear about how we could put on an epic night that was fully underrepresented in the city we lived in, the reply was that this person owned the Redhouse (I had discovered the redhouse several months earlier for a Tinnitus night, when it still looked like an old man’s pub, full of teenagers moshing to gabber with their shirts off). I asked how much it’d cost to put a night, free he said and they would pay us if we filled it.

Room 303 was born, the name was a mixture of Room 101 from 1984 and our love of the Roland TB 303 acid synth. I banged up a poster on the photocopier at work and we postered, flyered and facedbooked our hearts out. We made a banner, took our decks, mixer and laptops down to the redhouse and waited nervously to see if anyone would turn up (The first night was billed as surprise view car park dave presents a night of….. due to me neglecting to tell Jeff what we were called). No one showed for the first hour or two and then smack bang in the middle of my set the place was rammed. The flyer said seven hours of banging music for free and that’s what our lovely crowd got.

We continued in this vain for the next 12 months (Jeff made us start charging money on the door), booking whoever of our mates we thought were mint in whatever style of music they wanted to play (we liked for people to play what they were into). In Summer possibly 2009 we got summoned to see the owner of the Harley who invited us to do a regular Friday night gig once a month, which would allow us to be able to book actual DJ’s at a bigger capacity venue, so went for that. We booked a slew of class acts including Warlock, No Yeah No, Zomby (Worst and funniest booking- 2 hours late and so smashed he couldn’t DJ), Ant, DAVE the drummer, King cannibal, Stormfield, Scan one and Altern8 to name a few. We got loads of people down for the first 6 nights then numbers started to drop, I have no idea why, some of us fell out with some other of us and left the night, then the owner said that he didn’t want us to continue!

At this point it was pretty much only me keeping the 303 flame alight, so I went back to the Redhouse and put on a couple of sparodic half-hearted gigs. In about 2011 my good friend A.R.D. pushed me into putting Room 303 on more regularly and because he was into the harder end of dance music the BPM of the night increased and it slowly morphed into playing UK hardcore, hardcore techno, really hard drum n bass, core and bass, breakcore and gabber. Our mate Scott Kemix (orifice) moved to Sheffield and with him a bunch of contacts in the nails end of dance music which meant cheaper bookings of higher quality and more extreme music! Towards the end of 2012 I decided to move to Leeds and left 303 in the capable if not slightly deranged hands of A.R.D. who brought on board Bee log (Neil) and they have since put on the most forward thinking, hard as balls DJs they can muster.

Going into 2014 Room 303 is keeping in good health, still putting on aggressively independent music which you wouldn’t see if it wasn’t running. It’s put on for the love of it, with passion and largely cos we want to stomp our feet to fucking mental music and stay up forever!


Room 303 5th July Redhouse

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5 July at 10:00 until 6 July at 03:00

!>>ROOM 303 Vs SNAREGASM<3am Friday 5th July 2013 @ The Redhouse, Solly St

Room 303 have teamed up for a belting summer party in the Redhouse with our friends at Snaregasm. There’s going to be plates full of distorted kick drums, extreme bpms and lashings and lashings of amens, what a treat.

The line up consists of these noisey mentalists:

(Room 303)

Liam Pissblood
(Chuffin Noise)

Sinist Tek

Djin Zed
(Chuffin Noise)

(Room 303)

(Chuffin Noise)

(Room 303)

Noise Excrement
(Hangman Soundsystem)

and of course visuals from futurhood av




Doors open at 10pm>3am last entry is 1am so be there before that.
Bring rave feet dancing is obligatory!

303snaregasm (0;00;00;02)

303snaregasm (0;00;01;02)

303snaregasm (0;00;01;09)

303snaregasm (0;00;06;06)

303snaregasm (0;00;07;00)

303snaregasm (0;00;08;12)

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303snaregasm (0;00;12;29)

303snaregasm (0;00;15;23)

303snaregasm (0;00;18;03)

303snaregasm (0;00;21;03)

303snaregasm (0;00;29;00)

303snaregasm (0;00;29;20)

303snaregasm (0;00;48;09)

303snaregasm (0;00;50;20)

303snaregasm (0;00;52;02)

Room 303 vs Panzram

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Friday, 29 March 2013

22:00 until 03:00




@ Redhouse, 168 Solly Street, Sheffield, S1 4BB

Corrupt / TTM / Genosha 175


Hardcore / Industrial heavyweights; Deathmachine & Matt Green.
Owner of Corrupt Records. A name now closely linked to
the many substyles of hardcore, London born producer
Matt Green has had releases on labels like Epileptik
and Hong Kong Violence. Flying in from Warsaw Poland,
he will go head to head with one of the UK’s best
Hardcore / Industrial dj’s.

Deathmachine’s love for hard, dark mechanical music
started way back in the early 90’s where his imagination
was captured by the then relatively young hardcore scene.
Always dancefloor orientated, but with an experimental edge,
his sets earned him bookings from all the major promotors
across the UK. With releases on the genre-defining
Genosha One Seven Five and Union Recordings,
Deathmachine is established as one of the leading
producers in the scene.


Room 303 / Panzram


Orifice is fresh from a tour of South America
where he destroyed the dance floors of Columbia & Venezuela
with his signature “hard as f**k style”
Orifice’s latest ep “Of The Gods” on Motormouth Recordz,
is getting support from some of the biggest hitters in
the underground scene, both here in the UK and all over
Europe including The Dj Producer (Rebel Scum) &
Sandy Warez (TTM, Footworxx) As well his South American
tour, Orifice has played all over Europe at some of the biggest
events & clubs including Florida 135 (Barcelona)
Hangar 1 (Ostende) K2 (Budapest)
As well as his own label “Giveway” he has released on the likes
of Madhouse, Elementz, G-Not Extreme. Going up against Panzram’s
own “Machinist” there set will be for those that like it extreme,
expect Industrial & Hardcore so hard there will be bleeding ears.



Expect absolutely mental Breakcore and Gabber from these two experts of the scene. Eraserhead has been plying his trade in Bristol for years, alongside Breakcore legends. With releases on the much heralded Peace Off Records, this is an artist you certainly don’t want to miss. Bee-Log has been smashing in Sheffield, since he learnt how to smash it. We here at Room 303 are particularly delighted to have secured his services. Bee-Log has been smashing at Tinnitus, and with releases on Marionette, this vs battle is something that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss!




Going head to head for the first time will be Panzram residents
Nrk & Jack Schmaltz. Hailing from Scotland, Nrk has destroyed
dancefloors all over Scotland at events like Impact,
BTTF @ The Arches & With releases on Motormouth, Furious Monkey
& Omega records, Nrk will bring with him his hard as nail’s style
of Hardcore & Industrial. Jack Schmaltz plays out across the UK
at some of the best party’s in the scene, Expect Jack to bring
an arsenal of aggressive beats from Crossbreed through to
Industrial & everything in between.


Room 303

The two head honchos of Room 303 go back to back for only the second time. With the combination of styles these two possess, expect anything and everything! Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Industrial, Hardcore Techno, Monkstep. If it’s hard, and good they’ll be playing it. These two never mess around, so expect bad ass business!