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A patchwork history 3 – Aromatiq and Sanctified

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Aromatiq was a club night originally held @ the Earl and was based around the then growing styles of broken beat, nujazz, nusoul, with hints of house and garage thrown in. Sanctified altered this slightly when held @ the Redhouse, adding more in the way of hiphop, intelligent dnb, deep house and the like. The tagline ‘outrageously chilled, wholly grown up’ said it all. Sanctified was the first of a number of collaborations between futurhood av and Saeif Sounds.





broken beat – colours heard on mixcloud

“uprightly horizontal”
“if it’s bruk, don’t fix it”

I still find it a shame that more was not heard of broken beat, nujazz and nusoul in Sheffield. The whole field remains a great love of mine. Aromatiq ultimately became a radio show on Sheffield Live.

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Particular tastes of mine included Domu, IG Culture, recently Zilo Groove.

aromatiq poster

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aromatiq revisited