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Sheffield, Rite, Trax, DINA – threads for a new cloth

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a few old tunes ranging from chillstep through a whole range of gentle drum and bass onwards, an ebook accompanies with text and illustration

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There is nothing quite like a city at night with a that night being ahead of you with impending lacings, lashings of entertainment. It is made richer when there is a variety of textures around you – the newly devloped, places in the middle of development, the old, the older still, the newly decorated, moving from quietish to busy and full of one life or another.

I was certainly surprised to be greeted by a statement in the Rite Trax timeline praising me for a statement that I made that night – that it had been the best I had had for some time – I was given a big up for such. This was a night of some surprises, though, for me. The venue – DINA – was an absolute delight. Good and friendly staff, both behind the bar and on the door – having been a doorman and having had events to run and venues to service, I know how useful door staff can be in making a night good. Striking a balance between friendliness and adherence to rules, not being the archetypal growling bouncer, these are the orders of the day. The venue was great – it had real texture to it, upstairs, downstairs and all. On this night there was poetry and art in the front bar area, behind that the main room and an extra dj area upstairs.

Having enjoyed having a chat and a laugh with a whole pile of the usual crew and one or two new faces what capped it all of was Mark Archer running through a raft of old skool classics including what is perhaps my favourite tune of that particular era – Gat Decor, Passion

There is also a vocal version here –

The only thing missing was my hope to hear Jaydee – Plastic Dreams once more.

What we have here is a growing thread of mixed events. Rite Trax is doing something that has been done only marginally before, bringing more than just the club night or the art event to Sheffield. There is more coming …


RiteTrax CIC is a newly formed social enterprise based in Sheffield, aimed at providng a platform for underground creative culture.

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Source: Spectrum Exhibit / Plot 22 Launch

20.05.17 1800-0400 £3 suggested donation otd.
@plot 22, 20-22 exchange st, Sheffield, s2 5ts

AN art exhibit & underground creative culture showcase — focusing on visual art forms / spoken word poetry / live electronic music & underground dance music

you are invited to the launch of our new multi use creative space, the hub of our social enterprise, based in the heart of the former Castle Market quarter of the steel city…

The event will be split into two halves: an exhibition with a focus on visual art and an after party event with music til late..

**this will be an 18+ event from 9pm**

I have lived and worked on 2 continents, working in a variety of industries, from multi-nationals to small, local businesses. I have a world of experience and the creativity and imagination to back up the hard work and perseverance.I have 2 blogs writing on maketing, design and more.

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