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colours heard – a patchwork history

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Colours heard began as an audio-visual art based event @ the Redhouse in Sheffield. Music driven, art driven, visually driven … Based around Des Bate of futurhood av, it tried to fuse all sorts of visual mentions with an equally diverse range of music.  It sat beside other events at the time, including ‘Fish for Missiles’, the name deriving from a dream had by a friend – involving Cambodian biplane pilots firing salmon, tuna and sharks at American pilots in jets – don’t ask!


beats3 ffmjulyposter partyposter

Involved in these events were a whole range of bands as well as DJ’s and visual artists.


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Audio-visual art takes many forms … or at least it can. From the computer generated imagery of motion graphics to that art which is essentially film based.

A lot of what I produce is somewhat of a form of a ‘chamber music’ of av art.

arthouse1 auntiealias (0-00-13-09) auntiealias (0-00-20-14) auntiealias (0-00-33-21) avstpk (0-01-43-14) avstpk (0-01-44-10) bh (0-00-00-00) bh (0-00-05-02) oppositesdetract1 sheffshame (0-00-29-02) sheffshame (0-00-55-19) sheffshame (0-01-00-18) stpk geo (0-00-02-05) stpk geo (0-03-00-02) wireframesteam (0-02-20-01)


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the real world is this – new stills from av art

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Comp 1 (0-02-56-00)

colours heard – a corruption, but delightfully so, of the notion of synaesthesia
also the name of a series of recent audio-visual art events from futurhood av

Comp 1 (0-02-46-19)

Comp 1 (0-02-40-24)

Comp 1 (0-02-39-00)

Comp 1 (0-02-31-10)

Comp 1 (0-02-28-08)

Comp 1 (0-02-27-06)

Comp 1 (0-02-23-06)

Comp 1 (0-02-19-07)

Comp 1 (0-02-17-02)

Comp 1 (0-01-57-10)

Comp 1 (0-01-53-24)

Comp 1 (0-01-50-04)

Comp 1 (0-01-47-20)

Comp 1 (0-01-39-16)

Comp 1 (0-01-16-22)

Comp 1 (0-01-08-23)

Comp 1 (0-01-05-03)

Comp 1 (0-01-00-15)

Comp 1 (0-00-45-05)

Comp 1 (0-00-27-12)

Comp 1 (0-00-17-09)

Comp 1 (0-00-11-05)

Comp 1 (0-00-06-17)

Comp 1 (0-00-00-00)_1

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from previous projects

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geom2 (0;00;04;26)

geom2 (0;00;13;21)Comp 2 (0;04;16;25)






Comp 2 (0;00;17;04)

some of these are stills from av art pieces

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