RiteTrax – Bole Hills Fundraiser/After party | Festival and club night

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Source: RiteTrax #011: Bole Hills Fundraiser/After party | Party For The People

After the festival which you can see below, I will be djing and, hopefully, vjing at the after party. Then in a little while I will also be performing at my old stomping ground for Rite Trax – the Corporation! As always these events are a real rainbow of activity – art, poetry, live music, dj performance, vj performance – so much, and they attract such a range of people.

Source: RiteTrax on the Bole Hills

Source: RiteTrax presents 1st birthday bizness

Deep House – something I still love

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Soon after I returned to djing, nearly two  decades ago, I latched onto deep house. It became something I loved. Admittedly the producers I loved were not necessarilly the original producers of the genre. My tastes ranged through Ludovic Navarre – St Germain, Kevin Yost, artists using Robert Owens, Mateo and Matos – people such. Gently seductive beats, an occasional hint of jazz, developed instrumentation, subtle vocals well executed – my tastes gripped each of these qualities.

Deep House Page.

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What is DEEP House.

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In the whole of the house genre it seemed to be the most thoughtful and developed. Wherever I was – be it bright bar, dimly lit club or somewhere vintage – I could drift into closed eyes picturing a particular beach and friends dancing. Given my love of Ludovic Navarre, it is hardly surprising that I had come from a past littered with Dave Brubeck and other early modern jazz greats courtesy of an uncle with such tastes.

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Keep on Deepin’ On: The 40 Best Deep House Tracks of All Time | SPIN | Discover | SPIN Lists.

via Keep on Deepin’ On: The 40 Best Deep House Tracks of All Time | SPIN | Discover | SPIN Lists.

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Chillstep – telling a story

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All good music tells a story one way or another. It may take you through a series of emotional changes, give you a palette of feelings, well coloured or subtly shaded. It may just be a suitable narrative. It may suggest a move from one emotion to another through its chord sequence and key changes. A good mix takes you on a journey. It moves you from one place to another, even if it is chilled mix. It may just make one suggestion after another, point one way then somewhere further.













and then …

there is music and there are mixes for times of day and night – chillstep ranges from the chilled after party, the Sunday after the heavy, heavy night, sat with friends taking it easy, to early evening, nearly mid-week readying for the hard night to come, or thoughtful busy or not-so-busy times …

bruk, or broken beat, nujazz, nusoul, wine bar 2 step, with that common to both intelligent drum and bass does a little of this but it is so much more of the bar music, perhaps mid-week again, less wasted in energy

and if there are feelings, thoughtful moments, hints of imagination, journeys, or at least a hint of movement within there may be



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