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Rite Trax and me on Reform Radio and more

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Broadcasting the best in music, arts and culture, from the Old Granada Studios

Source: Reform Radio

Reform Radio – http://www.mixcloud.com/reformradiohttp://www.reformradio.co.uk
Broadcasting 24/7 from the Old Granda Studios in MCR

Our show will going out either the first or second week in april as a live takeover which will then be followed up with a monthly 2 hour broadcast.12246705_525397667622920_7348294316919264305_n

Source: RiteTrax #006 ft WÖLFE, KIDD KOOL / live street art / spoken word &more!


there should be short mixes of mine on the radio – see above and I will be vjing at the above event.

RiteTrax – new events in Sheffield – Golden Harvest

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It is good to make new friends – a chance visit to a cafe – Golden Harvest – with my daughter just for a cuppa and a sarnie meant chatting to people and getting to know Michael and the guy running the place. I was reminded of times I spent in the Forum at a local record shop buying all sorts and spending a little time with them. Good times. Hopefully I may be able to present some of my audio visual work, perhaps do a little vjing and also dj the odd set. Put a good word in for me guys.

Source: RiteTrax

RiteTrax is a newly formed social enterprise established to provide a platform for underground creative culture. To see what we’re about/ donate to the project please take a look at our crowdfunding campaign here: https://www.startjoin.com/ritetraxnext


Following up on the success of our launch party, we’re taking the vibe down to Sheffeel’s only coffeeshop/headshop/madhouse Golden Harvest for an affordable evening of quality creative delights! If you missed our launch then this gives you another chance to come and see what we’re upto and get involved with this thing as we move forward!

£2.50 before 11pm/£4 after
9pm – 4am

Live electronic music….Spoken word poetry…Art exhibits…Visuals…Buzzin vibes…Collaborative art…Late license….Rinseout…&promoting everything else from drum n bass to disco & dancehall to dub techno..

if you’d like to display any bits or get involved with our organisation give us a shout via the facebook page or email rite.trax@hotmail.com, or even better, come down and say ello! 🙂

POWERED BY BEAR SOUND & Wonky Soundsystem


MUSIC from…
Limit Break [live] (deep electronica)
Riders Music [live] (pumpin electronic disco punk)
Bozzwell [DJ] (‘nu’ disco and groovers)
BEAR SOUND / Wonky Soundsystem [DJ] (underground riddimz)
Kyla C b2b FiveFive ft B The Chemist [DJ] (rnb/ukg/bassline)
Don’t Look Now UK [DJ] (house/techno)
KIMMYBEATBOX [live] (live beatbox!)
Liam W [live] (hiphop/grime)
Cold Blood & Belle [live] (dreamy electronica)

hosted by Rusty, CB, Anil MC & B The Chemist

ART displays from…
Maria Kardel [live]
Rattley Ballz [live]
Dala [live]
Espre1 [live]
Universal Flow Tattoo
Marcus Method
Five Five Designz

Phoenix McAndrew
Richard C. Bower
Andy Szpuk
Liz Ferrets
Maria Kardel
Anil MC
Carol Eades

& more TBC 🙂

Source: FRIDAY! RiteTrax #002 ft Limit Break (live), Riders (live) &more!

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Source: Push Power Promo – Indie Music Promotion

futurhoodav – Home.

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silverbackdj DJ Mixes – Mixcrate.

via silverbackdj DJ Mixes – Mixcrate.

Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday. Then you mov

Source: In search of lost colours | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

an existential quantifier and qualifier

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There is that art that sits well in the better parts of town. It fits within the driving forces and tastes of whatever is running through those who inhabit particular scenes. Oddly enough, even though there are parts of all of that I would love – it is not me! I live in a bad part of town. The concepts I run with are somewhat away from those that drive what is current within the better … I am not the greatest technician, I am not good with a brush or with code, I do not have the better tools to hand with which I can create.

What drives me, what to I like to use as tools

  • the discarded
  • text
  • spoken word
  • the distressed
  • anything off to one side
  • those things not in full or plain view

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