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Deep liquid – chillstep, dubstep, psydub plus

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The birthday weekend was interesting – family were well present and differently entertaining.

After the major party we headed off to see Artful Dodger and be reminded of old 2 step days, then from there an afterparty which took me back to old days of full weekend free parties and the obligatory afterparty. I was reminded of all those old days in my 50s watching the light levels rise and being annoyed by ravenous insect life from the nearby water. I am now just about sober – fourish days later …


While running through this party weekend I remember talking to an old friend and we agreed upon that quality of the chill out afterparty – that quality which you can palpably feel where the music you are then listening to, the place you are occupying and enjoying is enriched by the continuing reminiscence, the immediate reminiscence, that afterflavour of the party you have just come from … each interacts with the other.





chill3 castaway futurhoodav



chill3a1 aromatiq futurhood av


gentle chill futurhoodav

and if you like it old skool and well raggaed up


new chillstep – design, audio

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waters and strings (0-00-19-19)

Designs to accompany the new Aromatiq mix.

The music as a whole – vocal deep dubstep, chillstep, intelligent atmospheric dnb has palpable layers and so a design scheme echoing that layering seems to fit. Nothing detracts from a project more than design which bears no real relation to what is presented. Imagery here is drawn from Mongolia, the palms nod elsewhere, water, desert, mountains all play a part.

waters and strings (0-00-49-10)

waters and strings (0-01-06-09)

waters and strings (0-01-07-05)

waters and strings (0-01-13-10)



relection collide

waters and strings (0-00-19-19)

14 days and nights – aromatiq

The new mix from Silverback dj – futurhood av.

Drawing on tunes from nExow, Ghosts of Paraguay, mPulse, Submotion Orchestra, Sean Mackey, Phaelah and more. This is a far more vocal oriented mix than others in the series.



Aromatiq – chillstep, deep dubstep, intelligent dnb …

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Aromatiq – the 10th element by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

A new mix – deeper, darker, hints of vocal styles, always chilled and thoughtful.


Aromatiq – 11th hour by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



Aromatiq – the 10th element by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Aromatiq intelligently revisited by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

here on an intelligent tip – a new discovery for me – Dub Phizix, providing a few tracks

on last.fm

also on last.fm

I really do have a serious taste these days for the atmospheric, the intelligent, the emotive. There is music within each of these mixes and the mixes as a whole, of course, that is truly emotive, wistful and more. I still love my Bukem, Photek, Hospital records and more, the developments recently are interesting.






24979-1.jpg biome biome2

biome – a producer from Manchester – interesting …

Aromatiq – the full dozen by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

a mix with a few mentions of biome