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Strange times -perhaps recovery

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These have been strange times for us all, the world over, all ages and backgrounds. This pandemic has made an impact on us all. Back in the 50s there was a polio epidemic which gave me an experience. It took my mother when I was 3 years old, a wonderful woman I am told, I was too young to retain any real memories, all I have is one image of a kitchen, a stove and an old lady bringing her bicycle into the room through the back door. Covid has given me a reminder – one friend has passed because of all of this, two others have been infected adding to their existing deep health problems – one in seemingly endless pain, another wheelchair bound. So many fiorends have been lost to me – moving away, passing, being lost to me for other reasons.

Roughly 5 years ago I made a chance meeting with some guys – Rite Trax – who brought life back to me. Having had a background in clubnights, entertainment, music and visuals, they gave me a chance to relive what I had considered to be life itself. I resumed performance, they gave me reason, purpose, a chance for new creativity and once more a real social life. That social life was not just an ordinary, everyday life of a few minutes chatting with the odd friend, minutes or perhaps an hour at my local pub. This was a social life of real connection – real life with depth and purpose, as I said. For someone in their 60s this can be unusual, for me it was reason, foundation, solidity. Then just a while ago their venue – Plot 22 – was shut down because of noise problems and major work had to ensue so that basically one complainer could be assuaged alongside the local council – neither of whom are particularly nice nor helpful in any way. Just as work was coming to a close, having enlisted an academic specialist, an engineer of sorts who had real experience of sound proofing technology, and thus an end to roughly one year of not being able to live that life the hope I had of resuming performance and living that joyful element of my life, guess what? Covid appeared and dashed those hopes. My heart was emptied and given everything that was to happen I had that imminent thought that I would not be able to return to that life with at least moments of energy, that combination of solid foundation and brightness, soft smiles and companionship. I had every sad thought of this pandemic finishing the job of leaving me to gradually waste away into a sad life of just the local pub, no friends and just occaisional visits from family. But then a moment or two of meeting with the guys from the Plot and suddenly I am told – you are one of the crew. That welcome dismembered those feelings of low key horror and suddenly after helping set up an outdoor party feelings of belonging returned.

Plot 22 – Home


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After all of this new thoughts have sprung to mind even though so much of my equipment and software has died on me, thus a new project – an audio-visual art piece cum collection ‘Biblionaut’, he who walks with words [(c) 2020 Derek Bate] – is currently being given birth.

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A little journey

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For the first time in around 20 years I managed to get over to the Netherlands to see my son. This became quite a trip! The plane journey became more of a trip through a maze courtesy of customs etc. at Manchester airport, then having to wait for a coach rather than a plane connection to get to Eindhoven from Schiphol. But arriving was glorious, that meeting at the airport, smiles and more then a gentle unpack in Rosmalen. After that we had the joy of Carnival – Den Bosch turned into Eiteldonk – don’t ask, it’s bonkers.

on another day we took a trip to Kinderdijk to see some old windmills out in the wild. these are great, old structures still used to pump water from one source to another level helping the local land, the farmers and general water supply, of course also stopping flooding and so on. We have all had too much experience of flooding recently – check UK news over recent months. As I have joked with my kids these windmills didn’t seem to run around much even though they are surrounded by fields. This is one of the reasons I am known as naughty, bonkers grandad. From there we took a trip further up the road to Rotterdam and had the joys of a drink with others in a local boozer called Locus Publicus and then went on to have a meal at a large fusion restaurant. Each was quite an experience.

Another day on and after a bit of a chat in which I mentioned that I tended to have a greater liking for places with a bit of age it was suggested that we have a run out to a place called Oud Housden. There we were treated to many of the sights above and below. it was a gentle but nice walk through the town and on to a cafe and bakery where we enjoyed nice local snacks – savoury and sweet. Then we had a further walk to see more of the watery sights.


This was a glorious journey for me – seeing my son and his partner, enjoying sights not seen before, having that delight of my eyes being greeted by something different each and every day, eating nicely … There is nothing like real experience, having your eyes, ears and taste greeted by something of difference. New experience, even what can be said to be ordinary, is a real joy. As was said then one thing I have little time for is the ‘Disneyland’ style of experience – all glitter, whoops and wows, noise and queues, carnival fair rides and the like. My taste is for real life and what it can bring, the difference of a real, living place or places, where there is a different texture to the life lived each and every day. This is experience!

International Women’s Day Event 8th March

Sunday 8th March 10:00-12:00

 £12 Concessions available 

The Light Room

Hagglers Corner


International women’s Day

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International Women’s Day

8th March

10am – 12pm

The Light Room

Hagglers Corner


Sisters! Let us all get together – whether we are actual family or sisters in spirit, attitude or sense. Let us enjoy and celebrate what it means. With movement, music, thought, sharing and more we will give this day a gentle brightness and ourselves a comforting joy.

Perhaps you will find here a new experience – something a little different, a little outside of what is normal for you. Whatever your background, interests, experience find something new, joyful, restful, expressive.

A women’s circle event with movement, something to bring women together on International Women’s Day – share, move, enjoy …

-sisters and beyond

– meet, move, share

Women’s Yoga Circle

Sunday 8th March 10:00-12:00

 £12 Concessions available 

Women’s Yoga Circle 

A journey with sisters. Two hours of movement, meditation and breathwork to connect with and embrace your innate feminine power. Held in a supportive circle of women

Share your Sunday practice with women and soak up the potent energy of International Women’s Day. 

Explore a feminine approach to yoga, with womb centred breath and posture practices. Tune to the feminine wisdom of the womb-heart connection. 

Open to the energy of spring and fall in love with yourself 

This class is for you if 

.. you are looking to deepen the connection with your womb? 

.. you are ready to invite joy and sensuality into your life


Experience a feminine approach to yoga with womb centered practices to release the old and invite in the vitality of spring. 

Join your sisters all around the world as we honour the feminine for International Women’s Day. 

Calling upon tantra and yoni yoga 

Offering nourishing breath and posture practices to deepen connection to self. 

with nourishing breath and posture practices.

Hosted by Shakira a local yoga teacher. 

Women’s Yoga Circle 

Join your sisters for two hours of movement, meditation and circle sharing. 

Connect with women all around the world and honour all that is woman for International Womens Day. 

Nourish and nurture your body with breathwork, physical postures 

Are you looking for a deeper connection to the divine feminine?

.. preparing to conceive? 

Women’s yoga 

Gentle, fluid 

Working with cycles of womanhood. 

Inspired by tantric practices of embodiment and devotion. ?? 

Subtle energy of the feminine .. breath & mudra . 

Experience womb centered yoga. 

Practice together with women. 

Embrace your innate feminine power 

Spring as a time of renewal & vitality 

Offering nourishing practices 

Open heart & womb to feminine wisdom 

Tune into the feminine body 



Explore & Cultivate  


Sage on arrival 

Greet each woman – eye contact 

Presence & ground <15mins 

Information about womb heart connection 

Womb breathing 

45min yoga class – meditative YIN FLOW 

Light rhythmic posture work 8x5min practices 

One for each phase of moon cycle 

Shaking – 10-15mins

New design

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perhaps take one or two ideas from here to use in your projects …

our new online graphics resource outlet

Source: f4mmedia, Designer at Creative Fabrica


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

f4mmedia on Font Bundles – We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes – something different

Source: f4mmedia | Font Bundles

New resources

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f4mmedia on Font Bundles –

We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes – something for everyone

Source: f4mmedia | Font Bundles

leaf and flower


Just a few things

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You can speak with pictures as well as words –

here are a few design ideas that might interest you …


There are times when retro still has its uses …


Style can be found in so many ways and places …



Styled Stock Photography



f4mmedia on Font Bundles –

We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes – something for everyone

Source: f4mmedia | Font Bundles

New bits and pieces

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Sorry I have not posted for a while but I have been really busy with so many things. Here are a few ideas and resources that may help you along the way. We all need available resources for the work we do – so fire away and download …


f4mmedia on Font Bundles – We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes –

something for everyone

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Sheffield, Plot 22, Rite Trax and festivals

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Every city, town or village is brightened by its festivals, street parties and all such. They add quality and character to a place and help to give particular texture to the everyday lives of the people there and generally attending. They give visitors something …

I have performed at a number of these and will be performing in the future – give us a shot!



The feelgood summertime vibes in Sheffield keep coming following the announcement of The Castlegate Escape – a free street party..

Source: Free Street Party Heads to Castlegate

February events

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There are a few things coming up, here are just some …

Source: GOOD STUFF – Launch Party

There is nothing quite like a good independant club night. Rite Trax are just one of the local purveyors, of course, along with Peachy and crew. I will be providing visuals for each of these and spinning a few at the Grooveyard event.

Source: In:flux x Peachy with Marcus Nasty (The Valentine’s Spesh)

Watch videos & listen free to Marcus Nasty. Leading funky DJ from London. Myspace description: DJ MARCUS NASTY began djing in 1998 with his first show on Flava fm in 1999. Marcus knew he could offer more to the music industry, so by bringing in vocalists, mc’s & rappers from around the UK, he formed the group N.A.S.T.Y. The 1st mc’s alongside Marcus were Sharky Major & Stormin’. Together they started gaining recognition amoungst the underground circuit and recruited the top dj/mc’s in the game – DJ Mac 10 and the best UK artists they could get involved – Nasty Jack, Hyper, Griminal, Little Nasty, Kano, D double e, Ghetto, Demon, Footsie, Monkey, Jammer, Kassimo,… Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at

Source: Marcus Nasty’s Biography — Free listening, videos, concerts, stats and photos at