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In Search of Lost Colours Des Bate

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In search of lost colours

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A new project with lots to enjoy –

in search 1

The project as a whole will involve an e-book made available via a number of online outlets. There will also be, ultimately, a full album of music – again for sale via various outlets. I will be looking to add to the whole thing pieces of audio-visual art and music videos.

in search 2




You can find previous pieces of work on scribd and elsewhere. Check these out –

Source: illustration | Scribd

wood piece 2


Old nights, old fun, old venues

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I used to love my club nights. Spent a lot of time at the Arches in Sheffield. I was to be found mainly in the upstairs bar cum chillout area, not so much downstairs in the main room (apart from, if I can remember, Grooverider). The Adelphi became a club after its time as a cinema – worked the door there – even for the deaf discos (quite unusual). These places provided a diet of techno (acid and otherwise), drum and bass, jungle, hardcore and a whole lot more.

Source: The Arches… I remember it well (if a little hazily…)

200px-Wicker_arches2 4086758269_d6955ef5b3_m 4087498084_4bd308a764_m

Lunar breaks by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

A spannered revive by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Spannered redhouse finale silverback dj by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

I may be in my 60s but I still love it all. It may be the case that I do not quite have the stamina I used to have but I still love performing and being on the dance floor, chillout room, anywhere around events such.

Birthday ragga jungle shakiras mix by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Feed it back by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Spannered revive - whose house? by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

In memoriam sam by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Street art – Sheffield

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It can be surprising what you see when you are wandering off to the pub. Making something of the place in which you live, work or do business makes more of the world in which you live. It also gives to those around you, reaching out to those you have not met. It is an instant opening of conversation.




Turning up to a warehouse for a party has other joys on top of the music and the company. Finding the art above was a joy, especially after providing the visuals for an event.




Even at the side of an ordinary set of shops – there can be something surprising, a discovery, an extra element to once quite plain surroundings.



pitsmoor art1

pitsmoor art2

Now lets add a little music to the mix –

Psychin' out delia silverback dj by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



Lean 3 silverback dj beyond celebration by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

sheffield wall art1

sheffield wall art2

Birthday jungle 1 by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

sheffield wall art3

warehouse art 1

warehouse art 2

Redhouse ska finale silverback dj 2 steps beyond by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

The heart of a place, the beat of a place

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breaks flava

rushing to

ya wan



2 steps beyond

Any town or city has its own particular life. Its heart is made up of a number of things – there is its working life, its history, but partiuclarly there is its social life, its nightlife. It may be the case that a city has its very own stars. It may have its glittery big clubs and bars. What sits at the back of all such is the little place. I have a great fondness for small venues and all that they give. So often they are the birth places of much grander things but more importantly they are the life of the interesting. There is a particular review of the Golden Cross in Coventry, it states that it was the birth place of the Specials. I can remember meeting John Bradbury there and subsequently did a really, really bad audition at his place, Wyken cum Walsgrave. That place has a history going back to 1581 – I just remeber it in the 70s and the upstairs bar cum club. Downstairs it was a place I spent time with old mates such as Nigel Osgood, Tim Hill, Dave Wicks and more from my Bablake school days.


Later in life I had an association with the Earl in Sheffield. It was once a pound house – where livestock was lodged as people came into the town (before it was a true city) to trade. It became the home of a great clubnight – Spannered, with breaks at its core. Before that I had spent a lot of time at the East House – once dubbed the Dodge City Saloon because of the shooting there many, many years before. I djed at the place and loved my time there. These have now ceased being venues/pubs.

Latterly I did a lot of work with the Redhouse, itself roughly 300 years old. This was a place that gave life to a whole raft of small club nights, began the careers of bands and saw visitors from all over the world. In that place I have spoken more languages than I can remember. I surprised those coming down to the Botswana day celebrations one year – they were not expecting a white guy to speak to them in Sesotho. Otheres have heard me practice my few words of Malay, Greek, Poruguese, French, Dutch, German, Serbo-Croat, Swahili, Turkish, to name a few (and no I am not boasting, as I say, ‘if you stand still long enough, you will be surprised who walks past’).


Spannered redhouse finale silverback dj by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Here is a breaks mix – it became something very dear to me – dance music I loved more than …

Psychin' out delia 2 silverback dj by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Psychin' out delia silverback dj by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Here are a couple of mixes taking me back to my Coventry youth, the Cross, various parties, the attempt at a band that we probably all go through …

Redhouse ska finale silverback dj 2 steps beyond by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

And here – a mix which is definitive of me as a Cov lad …

Redhouse joys

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I have written before about the joys of small venues. The Redhouse has been a key part of my life – at least these latter years. Dealing with business matters there, security, event planning, djing, vjing and so on. It will soon close – unfortunately such pub chains as Punch have little appreciation for the aesthetics of the matter, only the pounds, shillings and pence, no real humanity, just an adding machine.



Redhouse by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



World plus by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



Aromatiq chillstep plus by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud



This was a venue that gave us the widest range of music, certainly in South Yorkshire if not Yorkshire full stop. Here you could find bands, admittedly small, but still from all over the world. Personally I have played music here from every continent. Events such as the celebration of Che Guevara’s birthday, at one time an annual event, where I supplied visuals. I remember playing balkan to a particular crowd, african – from african zouk to kizomba and kudurro, at other times kwaito and afro-beat. Some of the biggest nights were ska events and here I would play not only english language ska, from the UK and regularly the USA, but also french and spanish, mexican and dutch, with odd bits of german thrown in.

Skapeltwa by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Ska goes acid by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud


Balearic by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud


House plus by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

There will be a goodbye party next weekend.