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trippy breezes

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Trippy breeze by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Music means a lot to me as you may have gathered. Particular times and events, particular tunes, I have a catalogue of memories brimful of emotion courtesy of all that. Times out and about – djing events – the old days of partying oddly enough from my late 40s on through my 50s. My 50th birthday was a free party with 3 rigs, shut down by police at 4.30am because we had woken up the Chief Inspector. Festival gigs with my daughters – at one of the Big Bang festivals at the Ski Village, now sadly closed and falling to pieces – an acquaintance of my oldest daughter asked her if she could dance with her boyfriend – the response was, ‘what, he’s my dad’ – such a laugh. My middle daughter saying to her mates – ‘what didn’t you learn about clubbing and parties by going with your dad?’ We were a bit of  a different family, but still responsible believe it or not.

DSCF2894 DSCF2895 DSCF2896 DSCF2901


There are particular venues I so remember – the Arches, Casbah, the Harley, Corporation, so many more. Days of enjoying trip hop, broken beat, dnb, deep house – the details still recorded in my mind. I so want to go and revisit!

Balearic breeze by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

beach then

Room 303 – November 28th Redhouse

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Room 303 707th birthday ft. ANORAK and BAXTA!!!.

via Room 303 707th birthday ft. ANORAK and BAXTA!!!.


After a mini-break, Room 303 returns; or rather Room 707 as we’re smashing it out 7th birthday style! And of course we only want to celebrate the tearing up of dancefloors for seven solar rotations in the most marvellously devastating of fashions. So, not only will we be having another early start of 9pm (get down early as it’ll be totally worth your while!) but – as always – we’ve invited very special guests to bring birthday goodie bags packed full of gabba cakes, party snare poppers and amen break twizzles alongside the usual residents who’ll undoubtedly be bouncing up and down and running round like loons before being sick in the corner. Providing the music for this intense evening of celebration are:

ANORAK (Jungle Syndicate / OffMeNut)
An absolute legend of the breakcore scene, we’ve been obsessing over Anorak ever since catching utterly gobsmacking sets in his home base of Bristol and, of course, destroying Boomtown’s Prohibition Den. This man has chopped more amens than Gordon Ramsey has onions (shit analogy, go home, you’re drunk – ed.) and peppers his insane break edits with twinkly melodies, rave barks and acidic squelches to make the most manic and joyful gabba-breakcore that is bound to get you raving your tits off and make for a fucking amazing night!

BAXTA (Hell is Hard/Headfuck Records)
Baxta has been absolutely exploding onto the gabber scene as of late. Live he’s played at huge events alongside massive names (including Ibiza Goes Hard, Horizon and Oblivion) and, as one third of UKTM, has had tunes on skullcracking labels such as Headfuck records (getting support from legends of the scene such as Akira, amongst others). His amazing sets reveal a diverse range of styles and influences, so expect crunching, clanging crossbreed and breakcore to sit perfectly alongside the most stomping gabber and speedcore. This is going to seriously go off!

Plus more resident and guest-based action:

Pied piper of partying – whether it’s banging freeform, hellish DnB or anthemic Dutch gabber, it’s guaranteed to have you going nuts.

New daddy Bee-log is bringing a more breakcore-oriented direction to his usual gabber mashups; super fast mentalist devastation promised!

Guests of honour, these two are provided the dirtiest and filthiest in bass-led electro.

A super special b2b – the Room 303 stalwart goes to battle against the Tinnitus resident; expect amens, kicks and dark rhythms to spatter out in the melee!

Sheffield – those moments

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sheffield moment (0-00-45-02)

It was suggested by a couple of my kids that I try to get in touch with a new local tv station. I sent a pile of links to materials of mine. I also rang them – 9.30 am – noone in charge was around. I was told that someone would call – I had worked with them years ago when they were a radio station. Evidently they needed footage and more of local bits and pieces. Well! I continue to wait … but then I was never one of the favoured few. Here though is some of the content. You will be able to find more on the youtube channel and the dailymotion channel.

Hopefully in amongst all of this there is something interesting, or at the very least vaguely entertaining within all of this content.

sheffield moment (0-01-07-22)

sheffield moments 2 (0-01-29-08)

sheffield moments 2 (0-01-53-14)

sheffield moments 2 (0-02-57-23)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-14-09)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-16-11)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-19-12)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-21-20)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-37-20)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-41-08)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-49-01)

sheffield moments 2 (0-03-52-21)

sheffield moments 2 (0-04-00-20)

sheffield moments 2 (a1)


Textured impressions

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There are old moods that come along every once in a while, not so mcuh laboured or tired, sometimes comfortable and comforting. They take you off to another time.

aged mat1

aged mat1a

There are days when the textures of rust are something more … they take you along and bring back those memories of times when there was not so much comfort as something easier …

old wall 1

Old skool dope by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

rusty stairs 1 rusty stairs 1b rusty stairs 1c rusty stairs 2

Heavily entrenched by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

A return to trip hop by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

Which way is word by Futurhood Av on Mixcloud

rusty stairs 2a rusty stairs 3 rusty stairs 4 rusty stairs 5