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RiteTrax – Music, Art, Poetry and more

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Source: RiteTrax showcase #012

I am having so much fun with these guys – it is untrue. We have a lot running through over the next couple of months. Take a look and pop along, or if you can’t take a listen to the mixes.

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Source: RiteTrax presents 1st birthday bizness

You can also take a look at what is on offer on their website.

RiteTrax CIC is a newly formed social enterprise based in Manchester and Sheffield, aimed at providng a platform for underground creative culture.

Source: RiteTrax CIC :: A platform for underground culture








Rite Trax and me on Reform Radio and more

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Broadcasting the best in music, arts and culture, from the Old Granada Studios

Source: Reform Radio

Reform Radio –
Broadcasting 24/7 from the Old Granda Studios in MCR

Our show will going out either the first or second week in april as a live takeover which will then be followed up with a monthly 2 hour broadcast.12246705_525397667622920_7348294316919264305_n

Source: RiteTrax #006 ft WÖLFE, KIDD KOOL / live street art / spoken word &more!


there should be short mixes of mine on the radio – see above and I will be vjing at the above event.

Events with a different texture

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Having attended the Rite Trax event at Golden Harvest in Sheffield a little while ago it looks like I may be performing at the next one. The experience of that first event was something good to say the least. Having such a range of different performance in an unusual setting and with such a range of people was really pleasant. There is nothing quite like the right sort of party crew – a couple of drinks, performance which went from live poetry readings to live electronica, artists displaying works and on top of that old favourite dj’s performing. Well!! Sweet! Things like this make a difference. It is not the usual crawl around particular bars and pubs, then perhaps a club and so on.

Source: RiteTrax


Source: RiteTrax #003 ft HarleyLikesMusic LIVE & more!

in search 2

Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday.

Source: In search of lost colours | f4mmedia –

RiteTrax – new events in Sheffield – Golden Harvest

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It is good to make new friends – a chance visit to a cafe – Golden Harvest – with my daughter just for a cuppa and a sarnie meant chatting to people and getting to know Michael and the guy running the place. I was reminded of times I spent in the Forum at a local record shop buying all sorts and spending a little time with them. Good times. Hopefully I may be able to present some of my audio visual work, perhaps do a little vjing and also dj the odd set. Put a good word in for me guys.

Source: RiteTrax

RiteTrax is a newly formed social enterprise established to provide a platform for underground creative culture. To see what we’re about/ donate to the project please take a look at our crowdfunding campaign here:


Following up on the success of our launch party, we’re taking the vibe down to Sheffeel’s only coffeeshop/headshop/madhouse Golden Harvest for an affordable evening of quality creative delights! If you missed our launch then this gives you another chance to come and see what we’re upto and get involved with this thing as we move forward!

£2.50 before 11pm/£4 after
9pm – 4am

Live electronic music….Spoken word poetry…Art exhibits…Visuals…Buzzin vibes…Collaborative art…Late license….Rinseout…&promoting everything else from drum n bass to disco & dancehall to dub techno..

if you’d like to display any bits or get involved with our organisation give us a shout via the facebook page or email, or even better, come down and say ello! 🙂

POWERED BY BEAR SOUND & Wonky Soundsystem


MUSIC from…
Limit Break [live] (deep electronica)
Riders Music [live] (pumpin electronic disco punk)
Bozzwell [DJ] (‘nu’ disco and groovers)
BEAR SOUND / Wonky Soundsystem [DJ] (underground riddimz)
Kyla C b2b FiveFive ft B The Chemist [DJ] (rnb/ukg/bassline)
Don’t Look Now UK [DJ] (house/techno)
KIMMYBEATBOX [live] (live beatbox!)
Liam W [live] (hiphop/grime)
Cold Blood & Belle [live] (dreamy electronica)

hosted by Rusty, CB, Anil MC & B The Chemist

ART displays from…
Maria Kardel [live]
Rattley Ballz [live]
Dala [live]
Espre1 [live]
Universal Flow Tattoo
Marcus Method
Five Five Designz

Phoenix McAndrew
Richard C. Bower
Andy Szpuk
Liz Ferrets
Maria Kardel
Anil MC
Carol Eades

& more TBC 🙂

Source: FRIDAY! RiteTrax #002 ft Limit Break (live), Riders (live) &more!

Music Marketing | f4mmedia.

via Music Marketing | f4mmedia.

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Source: Push Power Promo – Indie Music Promotion

futurhoodav – Home.

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Music Marketing | f4mmedia.

via Music Marketing | f4mmedia.

silverbackdj DJ Mixes – Mixcrate.

via silverbackdj DJ Mixes – Mixcrate.

Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday. Then you mov

Source: In search of lost colours | f4mmedia –

Old nights, old fun, old venues

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I used to love my club nights. Spent a lot of time at the Arches in Sheffield. I was to be found mainly in the upstairs bar cum chillout area, not so much downstairs in the main room (apart from, if I can remember, Grooverider). The Adelphi became a club after its time as a cinema – worked the door there – even for the deaf discos (quite unusual). These places provided a diet of techno (acid and otherwise), drum and bass, jungle, hardcore and a whole lot more.

Source: The Arches… I remember it well (if a little hazily…)

200px-Wicker_arches2 4086758269_d6955ef5b3_m 4087498084_4bd308a764_m

I may be in my 60s but I still love it all. It may be the case that I do not quite have the stamina I used to have but I still love performing and being on the dance floor, chillout room, anywhere around events such.

Redhouse joys

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I have written before about the joys of small venues. The Redhouse has been a key part of my life – at least these latter years. Dealing with business matters there, security, event planning, djing, vjing and so on. It will soon close – unfortunately such pub chains as Punch have little appreciation for the aesthetics of the matter, only the pounds, shillings and pence, no real humanity, just an adding machine.









This was a venue that gave us the widest range of music, certainly in South Yorkshire if not Yorkshire full stop. Here you could find bands, admittedly small, but still from all over the world. Personally I have played music here from every continent. Events such as the celebration of Che Guevara’s birthday, at one time an annual event, where I supplied visuals. I remember playing balkan to a particular crowd, african – from african zouk to kizomba and kudurro, at other times kwaito and afro-beat. Some of the biggest nights were ska events and here I would play not only english language ska, from the UK and regularly the USA, but also french and spanish, mexican and dutch, with odd bits of german thrown in.



There will be a goodbye party next weekend.

Pyebank school, Pitsmoor Sheffield

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1875 – it has a history and is still standing but is unused …


This school was built around the time of the the birth of my great grandfather – I still remember him. There were all sorts of tales told about him by my grandfather. For example, when he was a boy he used to have to hide in a tar barrel from the Factory Inspector because he was too young to work. His first job was assisting the butchers’ dray collecting old joints of meat which were suspended in vats of cider so as to help remove the acid, later he became a builder helping build local terraced houses. These times are not so far away from us.
































and then the road home …





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Birthday bash – 15 for the 4th time – June 13th

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Yes it is friday 13th !!!




yes it was a bit of a rough night – I have looked better





This is a combined birthday bash for me and Shakira – my talented and beautiful daughter …

please come on down if you can


The Redhouse, Solly Street – June `13th from 8pm
Silverback dj and Rippa spinning tunes – ska, jungle, mashups, dancehall, trip hop, chillstep

Trip hop anew and then some

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Pretty well all music styles can manage to find a place in a big venue, if done well can succeed with the big gig. For me though, sometimes certain sorts of music just fits nicely with particular places. Trip hop, old or its newer reflavouring, always seems to fit so well in venues like the Harley or the Redhouse – both Sheffield venues. Each has a very particular taste and texture – each has a history. The Redhouse has a history going back over 200 years. I have performed at each.

The Official site of Tricky..

via The Official site of Tricky..

Roger Molls.

via Roger Molls.

T H E S O F T M O O N.

via T H E S O F T M O O N.

Best trip hop artists and 90s influence in music 2013 with Jessie Ware and Tensnake video playlist – Swide | f4mmedia.

via Best trip hop artists and 90s influence in music 2013 with Jessie Ware and Tensnake video playlist – Swide | f4mmedia.

… and then you run across something else, someone else – taking a look at a recent Saturday Night Live I was introduced to St. Vincent – moody, sort of arty, sometimes described as baroque


St. Vincent on SNL: The singer-songwriter performed Birth in Reverse and Digital Witness in a brilliant set (VIDEO)..

via St. Vincent on SNL: The singer-songwriter performed Birth in Reverse and Digital Witness in a brilliant set (VIDEO)..

St. Vincent | Music Biography, Credits and Discography | AllMusic.

via St. Vincent | Music Biography, Credits and Discography | AllMusic.



Room 303 vs Panzram

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Friday, 29 March 2013

22:00 until 03:00




@ Redhouse, 168 Solly Street, Sheffield, S1 4BB

Corrupt / TTM / Genosha 175

Hardcore / Industrial heavyweights; Deathmachine & Matt Green.
Owner of Corrupt Records. A name now closely linked to
the many substyles of hardcore, London born producer
Matt Green has had releases on labels like Epileptik
and Hong Kong Violence. Flying in from Warsaw Poland,
he will go head to head with one of the UK’s best
Hardcore / Industrial dj’s.

Deathmachine’s love for hard, dark mechanical music
started way back in the early 90’s where his imagination
was captured by the then relatively young hardcore scene.
Always dancefloor orientated, but with an experimental edge,
his sets earned him bookings from all the major promotors
across the UK. With releases on the genre-defining
Genosha One Seven Five and Union Recordings,
Deathmachine is established as one of the leading
producers in the scene.


Room 303 / Panzram

Orifice is fresh from a tour of South America
where he destroyed the dance floors of Columbia & Venezuela
with his signature “hard as f**k style”
Orifice’s latest ep “Of The Gods” on Motormouth Recordz,
is getting support from some of the biggest hitters in
the underground scene, both here in the UK and all over
Europe including The Dj Producer (Rebel Scum) &
Sandy Warez (TTM, Footworxx) As well his South American
tour, Orifice has played all over Europe at some of the biggest
events & clubs including Florida 135 (Barcelona)
Hangar 1 (Ostende) K2 (Budapest)
As well as his own label “Giveway” he has released on the likes
of Madhouse, Elementz, G-Not Extreme. Going up against Panzram’s
own “Machinist” there set will be for those that like it extreme,
expect Industrial & Hardcore so hard there will be bleeding ears.



Expect absolutely mental Breakcore and Gabber from these two experts of the scene. Eraserhead has been plying his trade in Bristol for years, alongside Breakcore legends. With releases on the much heralded Peace Off Records, this is an artist you certainly don’t want to miss. Bee-Log has been smashing in Sheffield, since he learnt how to smash it. We here at Room 303 are particularly delighted to have secured his services. Bee-Log has been smashing at Tinnitus, and with releases on Marionette, this vs battle is something that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss!



Going head to head for the first time will be Panzram residents
Nrk & Jack Schmaltz. Hailing from Scotland, Nrk has destroyed
dancefloors all over Scotland at events like Impact,
BTTF @ The Arches & With releases on Motormouth, Furious Monkey
& Omega records, Nrk will bring with him his hard as nail’s style
of Hardcore & Industrial. Jack Schmaltz plays out across the UK
at some of the best party’s in the scene, Expect Jack to bring
an arsenal of aggressive beats from Crossbreed through to
Industrial & everything in between.


Room 303

The two head honchos of Room 303 go back to back for only the second time. With the combination of styles these two possess, expect anything and everything! Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Industrial, Hardcore Techno, Monkstep. If it’s hard, and good they’ll be playing it. These two never mess around, so expect bad ass business!