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Art is –

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Art is …

sometimes a statement, an expression, a comment …

it can be grand and glorious or small, distressed, torn …

it can seem quite ordinary but because it has been placed in ‘a frame’ it has special meaning …

art is 1

art is 2

art is 3

art is 4

… sometimes the word itself is just a little too much because of all the baggage that can go with it, but then you find something, hear something and the ordinary, the odd moment suddenly has new and added meaning and depth …

Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday.

Source: In search of lost colours | f4mmedia –

a book of artful design and illustration, a ccompanied by wordy text looking at how we soothe and salve our everyday life through imagination and the world around us

Source: moments from a partially medicated life | f4mmedia –

a variety of odd backgrounds, environment textures and similar – a variety of formats – jpg, png,svg – something to add to any project, using all sorts of materials in a variety of palettes, extending

Source: abstract textures 1 for free | f4mmedia –

bonus patterns amongst a range of arty backgrounds for your design projects – something different but now – a range of imagination for your illustrations

Source: Abstract Art | f4mmedia –




Source: RiteTrax on the Bole Hills

Events with a different texture

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Having attended the Rite Trax event at Golden Harvest in Sheffield a little while ago it looks like I may be performing at the next one. The experience of that first event was something good to say the least. Having such a range of different performance in an unusual setting and with such a range of people was really pleasant. There is nothing quite like the right sort of party crew – a couple of drinks, performance which went from live poetry readings to live electronica, artists displaying works and on top of that old favourite dj’s performing. Well!! Sweet! Things like this make a difference. It is not the usual crawl around particular bars and pubs, then perhaps a club and so on.

Source: RiteTrax


Source: RiteTrax #003 ft HarleyLikesMusic LIVE & more!

in search 2

Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday.

Source: In search of lost colours | f4mmedia –

Autumn days, nights, music and bars

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There is a particular quality about autumn, its beginnings. As days grow a little shorter but there is still a hint of warmth, or at least an absence of real cold. We have gone beyond wild picnics and summer jaunts. There is something of a new beginning taking place, work or study comes to the fore and personally I have the urge to slip into particular bars, run through certain sorts of music and spend evenings in a way that is …







But there is also the sky and the neighbourhood just as the sun sets, strange colourations of things. Musical in its own right. You can find an entertaining or intriguing texture almost anywhere.










Old skool to new

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liquid cel futurhood av

There were times when a lot of my old skool moments were to say the least a little seedy – the streetcorner things, backstreets, alleys with strange doors opening onto a passage leading to a party and more … I am so much older now but probably still as badly behaved – joke! There were some great times back then, indeed great times to be had in all sorts of decades, each had its own quality and flavour. A fond memory or three involved meeting people such as Daryl Pandy of Chicago fame, Nicky Blackmarket and John Bradbury in the Cross in Cov …

old skool 1 futurhood av

old skool 2 futurhood av

Party poster june13th

ready for the journey futurhood av

Yes we are having a bit of a bash – all sorts of old skool plus newere bits and pieces

June 13th the Redhouse Solly Street from 8pm free entry

shaks card1



Chillstep – telling a story

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All good music tells a story one way or another. It may take you through a series of emotional changes, give you a palette of feelings, well coloured or subtly shaded. It may just be a suitable narrative. It may suggest a move from one emotion to another through its chord sequence and key changes. A good mix takes you on a journey. It moves you from one place to another, even if it is chilled mix. It may just make one suggestion after another, point one way then somewhere further.













and then …

there is music and there are mixes for times of day and night – chillstep ranges from the chilled after party, the Sunday after the heavy, heavy night, sat with friends taking it easy, to early evening, nearly mid-week readying for the hard night to come, or thoughtful busy or not-so-busy times …

bruk, or broken beat, nujazz, nusoul, wine bar 2 step, with that common to both intelligent drum and bass does a little of this but it is so much more of the bar music, perhaps mid-week again, less wasted in energy

and if there are feelings, thoughtful moments, hints of imagination, journeys, or at least a hint of movement within there may be



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A patchwork history 3 – Aromatiq and Sanctified

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Aromatiq was a club night originally held @ the Earl and was based around the then growing styles of broken beat, nujazz, nusoul, with hints of house and garage thrown in. Sanctified altered this slightly when held @ the Redhouse, adding more in the way of hiphop, intelligent dnb, deep house and the like. The tagline ‘outrageously chilled, wholly grown up’ said it all. Sanctified was the first of a number of collaborations between futurhood av and Saeif Sounds.





broken beat – colours heard on mixcloud

“uprightly horizontal”
“if it’s bruk, don’t fix it”

I still find it a shame that more was not heard of broken beat, nujazz and nusoul in Sheffield. The whole field remains a great love of mine. Aromatiq ultimately became a radio show on Sheffield Live.

Broken beat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nu jazz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

20 best: Broken Beat records ever made – FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

Broken beat music – Listen free at

Particular tastes of mine included Domu, IG Culture, recently Zilo Groove.

aromatiq poster

fh logo 3

aromatiq revisited