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The joys of …

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13th June my birthday and my daughter’s birthday 17th. Soppy dad time I guess … yes, I love all of my kids and have such a collection of family and friends – I am truly blessed. Part of what I like to do is to create for them …





There is an aesthetic moment to be found almost everywhere and almost at any time – all it takes is a little imagination.



There is a world of intriguing joy to be found, sometimes at your fingertips, sometimes in imagination, and yes, sometimes distantly exotic …



sunset trees

My 100th upload

I love my family

new mixes – a step or two and a bar

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city mists

For every mood and state of emotion there is a music to accompany. Here are a few small journeys, each containing a different style of smile or other expression. There are those deep house moments above, pointing to a particular part of the city, a certain bar and club and the after party to accompany.



… and then there is a different walk through town, it has its own steps … a hint of 2 step, a chilled and deep step or three and more, go on step it out …

blue fence

Images and sounds – a hint of art?

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arrt leaves 1

Blogs so regularly concentrate on one or two related areas of interest. I am of something of a different opinion as you may have realised. I like to add a few resources here and there. Sometimes I like to add music, talk about those tunes, artists and events that I like. I ask myself is it at all wrong to combine all – design, art, resources, music – indeed anything that catches my eye, my ear, my interest, my imagination, my concern. Thus …

arrt leaves 2


arrt leaves 3

arrt leaves 4

arrt leaves 5


arrt leaves 6



new chillstep – design, audio

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waters and strings (0-00-19-19)

Designs to accompany the new Aromatiq mix.

The music as a whole – vocal deep dubstep, chillstep, intelligent atmospheric dnb has palpable layers and so a design scheme echoing that layering seems to fit. Nothing detracts from a project more than design which bears no real relation to what is presented. Imagery here is drawn from Mongolia, the palms nod elsewhere, water, desert, mountains all play a part.

waters and strings (0-00-49-10)

waters and strings (0-01-06-09)

waters and strings (0-01-07-05)

waters and strings (0-01-13-10)



relection collide

waters and strings (0-00-19-19)

14 days and nights – aromatiq

The new mix from Silverback dj – futurhood av.

Drawing on tunes from nExow, Ghosts of Paraguay, mPulse, Submotion Orchestra, Sean Mackey, Phaelah and more. This is a far more vocal oriented mix than others in the series.