International women’s Day

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International Women’s Day

8th March

10am – 12pm

The Light Room

Hagglers Corner


Sisters! Let us all get together – whether we are actual family or sisters in spirit, attitude or sense. Let us enjoy and celebrate what it means. With movement, music, thought, sharing and more we will give this day a gentle brightness and ourselves a comforting joy.

Perhaps you will find here a new experience – something a little different, a little outside of what is normal for you. Whatever your background, interests, experience find something new, joyful, restful, expressive.

A women’s circle event with movement, something to bring women together on International Women’s Day – share, move, enjoy …

-sisters and beyond

– meet, move, share

Women’s Yoga Circle

Sunday 8th March 10:00-12:00

 £12 Concessions available 

Women’s Yoga Circle 

A journey with sisters. Two hours of movement, meditation and breathwork to connect with and embrace your innate feminine power. Held in a supportive circle of women

Share your Sunday practice with women and soak up the potent energy of International Women’s Day. 

Explore a feminine approach to yoga, with womb centred breath and posture practices. Tune to the feminine wisdom of the womb-heart connection. 

Open to the energy of spring and fall in love with yourself 

This class is for you if 

.. you are looking to deepen the connection with your womb? 

.. you are ready to invite joy and sensuality into your life


Experience a feminine approach to yoga with womb centered practices to release the old and invite in the vitality of spring. 

Join your sisters all around the world as we honour the feminine for International Women’s Day. 

Calling upon tantra and yoni yoga 

Offering nourishing breath and posture practices to deepen connection to self. 

with nourishing breath and posture practices.

Hosted by Shakira a local yoga teacher. 

Women’s Yoga Circle 

Join your sisters for two hours of movement, meditation and circle sharing. 

Connect with women all around the world and honour all that is woman for International Womens Day. 

Nourish and nurture your body with breathwork, physical postures 

Are you looking for a deeper connection to the divine feminine?

.. preparing to conceive? 

Women’s yoga 

Gentle, fluid 

Working with cycles of womanhood. 

Inspired by tantric practices of embodiment and devotion. ?? 

Subtle energy of the feminine .. breath & mudra . 

Experience womb centered yoga. 

Practice together with women. 

Embrace your innate feminine power 

Spring as a time of renewal & vitality 

Offering nourishing practices 

Open heart & womb to feminine wisdom 

Tune into the feminine body 



Explore & Cultivate  


Sage on arrival 

Greet each woman – eye contact 

Presence & ground <15mins 

Information about womb heart connection 

Womb breathing 

45min yoga class – meditative YIN FLOW 

Light rhythmic posture work 8x5min practices 

One for each phase of moon cycle 

Shaking – 10-15mins

New design

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perhaps take one or two ideas from here to use in your projects …

our new online graphics resource outlet

Source: f4mmedia, Designer at Creative Fabrica


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

f4mmedia on Font Bundles – We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes – something different

Source: f4mmedia | Font Bundles

New resources

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f4mmedia on Font Bundles –

We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes – something for everyone

Source: f4mmedia | Font Bundles

leaf and flower


New bits and pieces

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Sorry I have not posted for a while but I have been really busy with so many things. Here are a few ideas and resources that may help you along the way. We all need available resources for the work we do – so fire away and download …


f4mmedia on Font Bundles – We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes –

something for everyone

Source: f4mmedia | Font Bundles


Sheffield, Plot 22, Rite Trax and festivals

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Every city, town or village is brightened by its festivals, street parties and all such. They add quality and character to a place and help to give particular texture to the everyday lives of the people there and generally attending. They give visitors something …

I have performed at a number of these and will be performing in the future – give us a shot!



The feelgood summertime vibes in Sheffield keep coming following the announcement of The Castlegate Escape – a free street party..

Source: Free Street Party Heads to Castlegate

Yorkshire wanderings

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You may have noticed that I like to have a wander around some strange places it may seem. There are things to notice that can give joy. Where a place has some history and shows a life lived then there is something, at least for me, to gain and enjoy. Distress, age and even dereliction can say a lot, particularly when contrasted close by by tidier, more recent building. You can find something in things discarded as well as those things pristine and new. Why not take a wander and just look at the sorts of things you would normally ignore.

Source: design bundle 1

Getting around performing with the Rite Trax crew is a real joy for me – places, people, music, art, poetry. Each of these strands gives something real for me. I ended up in Scarborough the other week. The drive there and back was as much a joy, having taken a wrong turn we went through a pile of villages and small towns – North yorkshire. We had the chance to chat, of course I told some incredible stories (I have that most delightful of senses of humour, a grandad’s).


Source: RiteTrax on the Bole Hills 2017

Summer Paradise set by Tabitazn available for $3.20 at

Source: Summer Paradise set by Tabitazn | Design Bundles

Source: RiteTrax on the Bole Hills Afterparty

Source: Other City






Cranni – Plot 22 – the adventure, talent developes

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Down at Plot 22, the venue created by Rite Trax the jourbey developes for Cranni, a musical adventure centres around Nigel Cranswick. Coming soon there will be an ep and then, it is hoped, at least 3 albums. I will be supplying the visuals for the opening event – 7th September, Cubanos, Sheffield.  The whole story, though, is so much more interesting, some of which you can find on the Cranni blog – the english version and the dutch version – see below. That in itself is a little odd – a musical project being pursued in both languages.

Rite trax via Plot 22, the venue and studio space down by the old markets in Sheffield, is helping a whole range of creatives and performers with their art, events, development. Futurhood av and F4mmedia (both me) are there to help as well, providing a range of help and support, products and services.

Source: Cranni – Singer & Songwriter – Nigel Cranswick – Cranni – Singer & Songwriter – Nigel Cranswick

Source: Cranni Dutch Version – Netherlans – Nigel Cranswick – Cranni – Singer Songwriter

Source: Cranni – YouTube

Source: RiteTrax #022 – free entry!

RiteTrax CIC is a newly formed social enterprise based in Manchester and Sheffield, aimed at providng a platform for underground creative culture.

Source: RiteTrax CIC :: A platform for underground culture

Summer Paradise set by Tabitazn available for $3.20 at

Source: Summer Paradise set by Tabitazn | Design Bundles