Chillstep – the gentler end of dubstep

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Whenever I went to parties I always used to gravitate towards the chillout room. I would, of course, make my tour of what was going on, but there was always a fascination with the chill room. I have an abiding love of the gentler end of things – I do still love my big bouncy and darker, harder end of things, but still. Thus, I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up roaming around that reasonably recent end of music called chillstep. Unfortunately there is no proper wiki for it. You never know I may end up doing something myself. But still …
Phaeleh – I still really enjoy my 2 step and so, another inevitability – there are regular hints of 2 step within his stuff, an occasional flavour of intelligent dnb and more.

Phaeleh – Wikipedia.


Other serious artists within the field include The Glitch Mob, Modestep, Submotion Orchestra, Blackmill, Synthetic Epiphany, ID3, Fracx, Ghosts of Paraguay and more …

Chillstep music – Listen free at

1360800634_3plybovsm19e7wg Best Chillstep Collection September 2012 artworks-000016524486-nkr0so-crop wallpaper-476834 hqdefault 41673.original keep-calm-and-listen-to-chillstep b0b88853-a8c4-45ae-b49c-211f4d136926 wallpaper-1447456 Chillstep1 chillstep 0 images

Chillstep came about as dubstep was modified in its move forwards by those bringing other sensibilities. People such as Phaeleh return to ideas of 2 step beats. Dubstep, itself, was part of a move on from the older 2 step garage musical genre. In some cases full on chill and ambient flavours are present. In other cases there is very much of a dub feel and so you see such things as psydub and cyberdub included. There is a lot of vocal content, at time with almost an indie, nusoul and pop vibe running through.

Ghosts of Paraguay – Official Site.

Submotion Orchestra.

thumb index2 index1 index images

Other favourites of mine are Submotion Orchestra from Leeds, Ghosts of Paraguay, Synthetic Epiphany, Liquid Stranger and more. The hints of intelligent dnb, triphop, electrodub, full on chill, orchestral notes, dub itself, – these are all qualities that draw me in.

futurhood av on mixcloud (me, of course – silverback dj)

the aromatiq chillstep playlist


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One thought on “Chillstep – the gentler end of dubstep

    Antandra Music said:
    December 19, 2014 at 5:26 am

    Chillstep is where it’s at. It’s all I want to produce lately is chillstep, chillgressive, psystep etc.

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